No Change? No Problem.

Smart Card Parking in Denver

When the city of Denver evaluated parking management and enforcement for its busy streets, it concluded that coin-based meters just didn’t add up. They selected the IPS Group and CardLogix smart cards to create an alternative solution to add intelligence and convenience to their meters. The two companies came up with a card and accompanying software for stored value metered parking for Denver, where as many as 10,000 cars park every day. People purchase ParkSmart Denver Cards at popular city locations, with a choice of stored value. When parking at any of the 4,500 Smart Meters, the customer simply inserts the card, confirms the value balance, and selects the amount they wish to use for the time that they park.

The IPS Group, a technology leader in parking management and revenue solutions, integrated the highly portable and secure CardLogix smart card to load, store, and decrement value. Additionally, the two companies helped the city with the technical aspects of the stored value system. CardLogix also assisted with the graphic design of the cards, with several versions showing different values. Many city landmarks, such as Coors Field, are featured in the card designs.

The ParkSmart program has met with great success, with city drivers praising their convenience and accuracy. Denver made a bold change – by eliminating change in their public parking – with the help of CardLogix smart cards and the IPS Group.

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