“CardLogix's primary objective is to exceed customer expectations through quality products and service.”


Certified to ISO 9001:2015, CardLogix always assures the highest of quality standards. With full traceability along the entire value chain, CardLogix exceeds client expectations with reliable customer service and quality products, every time. View certificate.


At CardLogix we strongly believe it is our people that establish our quality and set us apart from the competition. We selectively employ people with background and exposure to customer oriented, quality-centric environments. We have individuals with extensive training and certifications in quality control, as well as in house quality training for each new employee.


We carefully monitor voice of customer input to establish critical to quality parameters, which we combine with our experience and industry knowledge, to design and produce robust smart card and software products which meet and exceed customer expectations.

Supply Chain

By conducting detailed process audits, as well as monitoring market reputations, CardLogix Corporation carefully selects and builds vendor relationships; suppliers of critical materials provide us detailed output data from in process testing, to prevent time consuming rework, and eliminate redundant downstream inspections. This approach to eliminating waste in the value stream, offers us a high level of confidence that we are producing both high quality and value.

Process Control

Using company wide input, we have built detailed and very effective operating procedures, that are regularly monitored via internal and external audits. We also utilize output from our processes to build statistical data which we use to guide our continuous improvement efforts for maximum benefit.


Representatives from CardLogix are active members of, and regularly attend, or present at events for organizations including Smart Card Alliance, International Card Manufacturing Association, and American Society of Quality (ASQ). As members of the world community, CardLogix guarantees ICMA and RoHS compliance for its products and processes.