A CR100 plastic card is a type of card that is often used for large format cards such as event badges, ID cards, or other types of identification cards. The CR100 card is 3.88 inches by 2.63 inches, or approximately 67 mm x 99 mm, which is larger than a standard credit card size known as CR80.

In the identification industry, CR100 cards are often called government-sized ID cards, due to their popularity as government credentials.

CR100 cards are typically made of a durable PVC plastic material and can be printed with full-color designs and text using a variety of printing methods, including dye-sublimation and direct-to-card printing. These cards can also be encoded with various types of data, such as magnetic stripes or smart chips, to provide additional security or functionality.

Since most government credentials are designed to be worn and displayed, not stuck in a pocket, providing visibility. Due to their larger size, CR100 cards can provide more space for branding and information, making them popular for use as event badges, trade show credentials, or other types of identification cards. They can also be used as access control cards or membership cards for clubs and organizations.

CR79, CR80 and CR100 Card Dimensions

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