CR-80 represents the most common ID card size. CR80 ID cards are more commonly known as credit card-sized ID cards because, as you may have guessed, they are the same size as a standard credit card.

CR80 cards measure 2.13″ x 3.38″ (54 mm x 86 mm), with a typical thickness of 30mil. CR80 cards are a popular choice for ID credentials because their size is very familiar, as most people have some kind of credit card in their wallet or purse.

The standard thickness of a CR80 is 30mil, however, some slight variation in terms of thickness or “mil” of the card. Mil equates to .001 or an inch. For example:

CR80.10 = 1/100 of an inch in thickness.
CR80.20 = 2/100 of an inch in thickness.
CR80.30 = 3/100 of an inch in thickness.

The CR80 dimensions loosely follows the ISO/IEC-7810 ID-1 specification. Other less common cards sizes are the CR79, CR90, and CR100.

CR-80 ISO 7810 7816 Smart Card Dimensions (ID-1)

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