An Applet in the context of Java Card technology is a small software program that is designed to run on a Java Card. Java Card is a technology that enables smart cards to run Java applets, which can provide various functions such as authentication, encryption, digital signatures, and other security-related applications.

An applet in the context of a Java Card is typically written in the Java programming language and compiled to run on the Java Card virtual machine. The applet is then loaded onto the Java Card and can be executed by the card’s processor.

Java Card applets are designed to be highly portable and secure, and can be used in a variety of applications such as electronic payments, access control, and secure identification. Because the applets are small and self-contained, they can be loaded onto the card as needed, allowing the card to support multiple applications.

Java Card technology provides a secure environment for running applets, with built-in security features such as access control, encryption, and digital signatures. This makes Java Card applets an ideal choice for security-related applications that require strong authentication and data protection.

In the smart card world, applets are sometimes called cardlets, and each applet usually corresponds to a smart card application.

For more information see Converted Applet (CAP).

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