Match-off-card or Match-on-Termial is a smart card and biometric implementation where an enrolled template is initially loaded onto the smart card and then transferred from the smart card via either contact or contactless interface when requested by the external biometric system. The external equipment then compares a new live template of the biometric with the one retrieved from the smart card. (The external equipment could be either the card reader or a central computer system.) Compared to Match-on-Card (MoC), this implementation has some security risks associated with transmitting the enrolled template off of the smart card for every biometric comparison. Appropriate security measures should be implemented to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the released template. With this technique, the smart card is storing a template (or multiple templates), but has no significant knowledge of the type of biometric information, nor the ability to process it in any way. This implementation method is appropriate for all types of smart cards; this technique will work with memory, wired logic or microcontroller-based smart cards such as Java Cards.

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