Simple Power Analysis (SPA) is a technique that involves directly interpreting power consumption measurements collected during cryptographic operations. SPA can yield information about a device’s operation as well as key material by using a side-channel attack which involves visual examination of graphs of the current used by a device over time.

Variations in power consumption occur as the device performs different operations. For example, different instructions performed by a microprocessor will have differing power consumption profiles. As a result, in a power trace from a smart card using DES encryption, the sixteen rounds can be seen clearly. Similarly, squaring and multiplication operations in RSA implementations can often be distinguished, enabling an adversary to compute the secret key. Even if the magnitude of the variations in power consumption are small, standard digital oscilloscopes can easily show the data-induced variations. Frequency filters and averaging functions (such as those built into oscilloscopes) are often used to filter out high-frequency components.

Another type of power analysis attack is Differential Power Analysis (DPA).

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