Nov 19, 2013 — Innovative 3M™ Laser Engraved Floating Image Makes it Easy to Verify People and IDs at a Glance, With Confidence

3M Identity Management introduces its newest innovation in overt security features for polycarbonate credentials—3M Laser Engraved Floating Image. With this proprietary technology, document issuers can incorporate strong and easily verifiable security features that are individual to the document holder, such as a “ghost” portrait, signature and birthdate.

Personalized Security Feature

Laser engraved floating images can be used to make multiple images appear to “float” in the same space, by simply tilting the document to change the viewing angle. For example, the floating image can transition between personalized information such as the cardholder’s signature, birthdate and a document number.

Distinct from Multiple Laser Image (MLI) and Changeable Laser Image (CLI) technologies, 3M Laser Engraved Floating Images appear to float above and sink below the plane of the document with dramatic and obvious movement.

Confident Authentication

The technology capitalizes on 3M’s patented microreplication processes, which embosses microlenses into the surface of polycarbonate cards during manufacturing. Documents utilizing laser engraved floating images can be verified at a glance with the naked eye, and are viewable from any angle. The unique attributes of the technology help it defeat the most common forms of tampering and counterfeiting. This sophisticated and personalized approach means that any alteration of the two-dimensional biographic information on the card will not be mirrored in the corresponding floating image, and attempts to alter the floating image will simply destroy it.

In addition, 3M vision science research indicates that this feature can be accurately authenticated by a person, to the standard laser engraved portrait of the document holder, making it extremely difficult to produce counterfeit documents by modifying the portrait.

“The integration of an overt security feature with personalization capabilities gives governments an outstanding tool for improving document security,” said Tom Worm, portfolio manager for 3M Identity Management. “3M Laser Engraved Floating Image makes it easy for border agents or law enforcement officers to verify both the document and the person presenting it – at a glance, with confidence.”

3M Laser Engraved Floating Image will be showcased at the CARTES Secure Connexions Event 2013, November 19-21 in Paris, France. CARTES attendees can see a demonstration of the technology at the 3M stand, 4 M 051.

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