TOKYOJuly 20, 2012 — Athena Smartcard announced today that its IDProtect V6 Java Card™ cryptographic smart card achieved a trio of worldwide security certifications by receiving the International Common Criteria certification EAL +4, the US Government FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and ICP-Brazil approvals. Accreditation by three of the most respected global security  standards bodies verifies that the Athena smart card platform has completed a rigorous independent testing process; which included evaluation of its research and development processes and facilities on multiple sites, implementation, testing and production, and that it conforms to standards sanctioned by the leading US, European and Brazilian security standards organizations.

Products based on the Athena IDProtect Minidriver Java Card™ include Digital Signature (SSCD) applications based on the IAS-ECC specifications issued by GIXEL and conforming to the European Citizen Card standard, PKI applications based on the Athena LASER and IDProtect Client middleware and Digital Signature and Authentication conforming to the Brazilian government requirements.

Millions of units of Athena’s IDProtect Java Card are already deployed in Government and Enterprise projects worldwide and it is being utilized as a Secure Element in several embedded devices which require a high level of security, as evaluated by the various security organizations.

Masaru Kosaka, Chairman and President at Athena, commented: “Being awarded the 3 leading global security certifications, Common Criteria EAL +4, FIPS 140-2 Level and ICP Brazil, on a single smart card platform, is testament to the continuous hard work and commitment that Athena puts into the security aspects related to the design and development of its products and to meeting its customers’ security needs, wherever they are based. Having the product certified, by 3 different certification bodies, and evaluated at 3 independent certification laboratories provides our customers with the high level of confidence and trust that is needed in order to deploy modern large scale smart card applications.”

About Athena Smartcard

Athena’s innovative and secure smart card operating systems, on-card applications, middleware and reader technologies enable our partners to offer ‘state of the art’ National ID, Digital Signature, eGov, ePassports, Transportation, Secure Elements and advanced contact and contactless payment solutions by removing the development, support and certification barriers associated with in-house R&D.

Using close relationships with industry leading silicon vendors, card and inlay manufacturers, and a permanent staff of industry leading engineers Athena offers highly secure, flexible, and cost effective solutions.

With offices in AsiaEurope and the Americas, and through a network of industry leading firms, including card manufacturers in the world’s fastest growing markets such as BrazilAsiaRussia, and Africa, Athena is ideally positioned to provide timely and professional hand’s on support, help facilitate the transition to secure chip technologies, and allow our growing list of partners to stay competitive.

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