CardPresso, a leading card printing design software program, is pleased to announce new changes to its licensing options. Typically, users would purchase a single-user license that includes a USB “dongle” to access the program on any computer. However, CardPresso recognizes that some organizations require the program to be used on multiple machines simultaneously.

To address this need, CardPresso is now offering additional installation options, including a Transferable License that allows users to transfer the license from the USB to a device and vice versa, a Net License that allows the use of the same license in up to 16 different computers connected to the same Local Area Network, and a Corporate License that runs over the internet without network restrictions.

For large organizations, these options can be a significant time saver and a lower overall investment, especially if they already have technical infrastructure in place. With CardPresso’s flexible licensing options, users can enjoy the full benefits of this versatile program without any limitations.

About CardPresso

CardPresso is a leading card design software program that offers a range of innovative features and flexible licensing options to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. With its user-friendly interface and powerful design tools, CardPresso is the ideal solution for creating and managing ID badges, access control cards, loyalty cards, and more.

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