SEPTEMBER 11, 2023 — (Dallas, TX) DASCOM Americas, a recognized industry leader in business technology print solutions, today unveiled PatchIM™, a unique smart card printer innovation that allows users to laminate cards without the need for a separate laminator.

DASCOM is exhibiting and showing the PatchIM solution, along with several of its smart card printers and software, at the Global Securities Exchange (GSX) show in Dallas beginning today.

According to Juan Vidaurrazaga, Vice President of Sales for DASCOM Americas, “The introduction of this new feature is a revolutionary advancement in the smart card printing and security marketplace. Not only does PatchIM eliminate the need and cost of a separate laminator and associated costly lamination consumables, but also gives users the ability to apply a full bleed of the printed image onto the card. This results in exceptionally clear, secure, and crisp print quality so the integrity of the data and the card itself is not compromised even with the cost advantages.”

Mike Wojciak, Director of Card Printer Sales for the Americas region adds: “PatchIM will change the way customers print secure, durable cards for applications including education, security, hospitality, defense, government, kiosk, and more. In addition to the upfront cost savings that are gained by eliminating the laminator and separate laminate material, card longevity also comes into play for longer term savings. Useful life expectancy for cards with PatchIM is estimated at 5-7 years, whereas traditionally printed cards average 1-2 years. In addition, the throughput of the DASCOM DC7600 retransfer printer with PatchIM is significantly greater than using traditional printing and lamination. This enhances cost savings and brings a degree of convenience to the user that is unparalleled by other solutions in the market.”

PatchIM will be on display in DASCOM booth space 2250 at GSX. Along with the software and smart card printers being shown, the company is also being joined by CardLogix, a leading Value-Added Reseller. The team will be showing advanced solutions combining Cardlogix biometrics capture tablet and smart card encoding software with DASCOM card printers for a fully integrated mobile enrollment system.

DASCOM Americas serves the Americas markets and is owned in whole by DASCOM Holdings, a Hong Kong-based company with more than 30 years of experience in providing technology solutions. The company does business in more than eighty countries around the globe and offers diverse solutions for customers in a broad range of markets.

For more information on PatchIM please contact Mike Wojciak at Additional information on DASCOM Americas can be found on the company’s website at