SAN DIEGO — Datastrip announced today that its DSVII-SC mobile biometric identification terminals are now available with pre-built mobile identity verification and/or emergency mustering applications from UK-based Smart Media Innovations (SMI). The new software bundle dramatically lowers implementation costs for basic mobile identity management initiatives, particularly those requiring a small number of readers, by eliminating the need for custom application development.

SMI’s software will enable organizations to quickly and cost-effectively extend the capabilities of their current security systems to mobile environments where they can be used by security officials who operate beyond fixed checkpoints, personnel manning temporary entry portals, and first responders answering emergency calls. Datastrip’s DSVII-SC is the first biometric smart card reader to offer SMI’s software as an option.

Datastrip DSVII-SC Biometric Handheld with Smart Card Reader

“Until now, security dealers and integrators frequently were unable to equip their clients with mobile security solutions because clients balked at the high cost of developing custom applications. Bundling SMI’s software with our DSVII-SC reader solves that problem for basic implementations by slashing software costs by 70 to 80%,” said Datastrip CEO Steve Blackmore. “These are proven, out-of-the-box systems that can greatly simplify the mobile security deployment process for many businesses.”

SMI’s mobile identity verification application enables data on smart cards, prox cards, HID iCLASS cards, bar codes or other credentials decoded by the Datastrip DSVII-SC to be compared against an organization’s access control system or other core database to confirm the identity of the cardholder. The SMI software also allows in-house identity data to be transferred to an on-board DSVII database without custom programming.

SMI’s mobile mustering application enables organizations to use the DSVII-SC to easily compare a list of employees who entered the office using an access credential during the day with a list of employees who have left the building and assembled to be registered as evacuated in an emergency scenario. Data collected by the DSVII will be automatically transmitted to the host application and cross-referenced in real time, providing valuable information for rescue efforts by first responders.

Both SMI software packages serve as a gateway between the customer’s in-house database and the DSVII-SC device, with no need to integrate and store database software within the SMI applications themselves.

About Datastrip DSVII Terminals

Datastrip’s DSVII-SC mobile biometric identification terminals perform fast, accurate identity verification in mobile scenarios with and without digital identity documents. Each terminal combines a contact/contactless smart card reader for reading ID cards, a 500 dpi fingerprint sensor for instant matching to a biometric template, and a large color digital touch screen display for displaying data decoded from ID cards or retrieved from back-end databases. The TFT transflexive screen is readable in direct sunlight or low-light conditions.

The DSVII-SC can connect to a wired or wireless network for verifying a cardholder’s credentials against a back-end database; house an on-board database for standalone operation without network connectivity; store data for later transfer to a primary database; and support all major fingerprint algorithms including Cogent, NEC, Motorola’s Printrak, Identix and Bioscrypt.

The DSVII-SC runs on the Windows CE.NET operating system for easy development of custom applications. It contains a powerful floating point RISC processor enabling fast biometric matching and image processing. Wireless communications capabilities include 802.11 and Bluetooth, as well as GSM/GPRS, CDMA and most digital cellular networks.

About Datastrip

Datastrip is a leading provider of biometric verification devices and 2D bar code software with associated hardware. Datastrip and its integration partners provide total solutions for production of ID cards, passports, national ID cards, driver’s licenses, voter registration cards, health cards, financial cards, birth certificates and other identity documents, as well as mobile AFIS and biometric verification systems. For more information, call 800-548-2517 or visit

About Smart Media Innovations

Smart Media Innovations is a UK-based software company specializing in mobile applications. The company’s software enables virtually any new or legacy access control system to add a mobile dimension without the need for custom programming. Applications range from identity validation to the verification of skills and competencies, mustering, schools and colleges, law enforcement and transportation. For more information, call + 44 1284 760900 or visit


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