MUNICH, Germany, 28 October, 2019 – Matica Technologies AG has now made the 3rd generation of desktop laser, the ‘MC-LX’, available to the market, launching the first solution with this module: the LCP9660 Laser Color Personalization System combined with the recently launched high resolution retransfer card printer MC660.

After the 600dpi dye-sublimation printing process with the MC660, the card will pass to the in-line MC-LX module, a compact desktop laser engraver based on high-performance Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) technology.

The combination of high resolution, color retransfer printing and laser engraved information in the inner body of the card reaches the highest levels in visual security and anti-counterfeiting. In part, this is thanks to Matica Secure Protected Image (MSPI) where the ID picture is laser engraved in the inner layer of the card – literally, underneath the color image, where it is printed beforehand rendering any attempt to manipulate, counterfeit or forge impossible.

Laser technology offers the highest level of security and protection as a solution to a broad range of security needs, responding to the challenging requirements from government, finance and corporate secure card programs.

The MC-LX is the third generation of Matica’s desktop laser modules. It has a 10-watt fiber laser source. The module includes ‘TRIPODE’ (patent-pending), a new frictionless card transportation system, providing precise and scratch-free transport which further allows other visual security elements to be added to the card, such as Multiple Laser Images (MLI) and Changeable Laser Images (CLI) without needing to buy extra hardware – no additional mirrors are needed, for example – and it can be carried with the card angled in any position. The integrated flip-over and vertical adjustment for ‘out-of-focus’ effects reduce the number of hardware parts making the activation of options virtually installation-free.

The MC-LX can also be added to other MC Series modules, such as the recently launched MC-L laminator module for enhanced security and durability. The MC-L lamination module is offered as an option for the LCP9660.

“We are delighted to release the MC-LX desktop laser to market,” said Ricard Ferrer, VP Global Marketing and Product Management, Matica Technologies. “MC-LX is a high-performance desktop laser module which is designed to answer the most demanding specifications of the government and financial applications, with a new and exclusive system designed by Matica to better manage the issuance of cards including laser Visual Security Elements (VSE) such as Multiple Laser Images (MLI) and Changeable Laser Images (CLI).”

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Matica is a fast-growing and innovative global company, which develops, manufactures and markets a vast range of products in the secure ID, and payments industries.

Matica has a strong international network, operating globally providing local sales and services through its offices in Germany, Italy, India, Singapore, China, USA and the UAE. The company supports thousands of customers with its global network of certified resellers, value-added distributors and system integration partners.

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