Nov 26, 2018 – NXP’s MIFARE Secure Access Module (SAM) architecture, now in its third generation, makes it easy to add security to the latest IoT applications. The new product comes with an extended feature set that supports product types inside the MIFARE® family as well as NXP’s DNA range of the NTAG®, ICODE®, and UCODE® families. Optimized for use with products that offer Transaction Message Authentication Codes (TMACs), the MIFARE SAM AV3 helps to secure keys and protect assets in the latest IoT applications.

The MIFARE SAM AV3 raises the bar on flexibility by supporting programmable logic, which gives operators the option to integrate a proprietary algorithm for key diversification or implement a full business flow that executes with just one call. Developers can also write their own code while re-using the intrinsic cryptography functions of the MIFARE SAM AV3. To simplify the development of customized logic – a process that requires eligibility, tool investment, and specialized skills – NXP partners with design houses that offer code development and other services tailored to the MIFARE SAM AV3.

The new product is ideally suited for applications that need a secure infrastructure, such as public transport, access control, and micropayments, and it now also supports NXP’s DNA line of products to extend the use cases even further. Long-range applications, such as electronic vehicle identification and road tolling, are also possible since the MIFARE SAM AV3 works with NXP’s UCODE DNA RAIN RFID chip. The MIFARE SAM AV3 can be used for the originality and security protection of IoT devices through the integrated support of NXP’s NTAG DNA and ICODE DNA ICs.

“Our MIFARE SAM AV3 helps create faster, leaner designs for edge computing nodes and gateways, and turns even the simplest reader into a high security transaction device,” says Christian Lackner, Business Segment Director Smart Cities at NXP. “It’s an ideal add-on that helps service providers benefit from the highest data and transaction security.”

Key features include:

  • Support for all MIFARE® ICs, UCODE® DNA, ICODE® DNA, and NTAG® DNA ICs
  • Secure download and storage of highly sensitive keys (e.g. Master Keys)
  • Supports Crypto 1, TDEA (112, 168), AES (128, 192, 256), RSA and ECC
  • Flexible key diversification
  • Programmable functionality for customized commands and logic
  • X-mode for direct pass through connection with NXP reader IC
  • ISO/IEC 7816 interface with extended baud rates up to 1.5 Mbit/s
  • Common Criteria EAL6+ (HW) + Security Certification for MIFARE (SW)

Mass production will begin in 2019, with quantities available in three formats: Wafer, PCM 1.5 module, and HVQFN package. To request samples of MIFARE SAM AV3’s click HERE.


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