Sofia, Bulgaria, March 04, 2018 –(– The International Managed Service company PATECCO establishes and maintains a trustworthy networking environment by providing key and certificate management services. Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) is used by PATECCO as an effective method for implementing multi-factor authentication and to meet security compliance regulations.

PATECCO is proficient in providing secure PKI Migration by migrating PKI Solution to new environment following Microsoft baseline security rules) and PKI Automation (PowerShell scripting automation of S/MIME user certificates). With automated PKI management, PATECCO orchestrates the entire certificate lifecycle – from provisioning and rotation to replacement. In this way the IAM company ensures properly deployed and maintained PKI, giving the business basic security controls such as confidentiality and integrity to their computer systems.

By managing the full lifecycles of digital certificate-based identities, PATECCO offers high levels of authentication of online users. It also makes encryption and certificate authentication capabilities to be transparently applied across a large number of applications and platforms.

PATECCO believes that controlling access is the core element of the enterprise security environment. It is crucial to make sure that only users who have the appropriate permissions can access your data, enter your facilities, print a secure document, etc. That is why the Managed services company applies Public Key Infrastructure for stronger verification and identification of users and systems.

Building up a PKI environment, is a great way for assigning a digital identity for all employees and machines, allowing for secure access to data, networks and physical locations. The PKI environment includes solutions for complete lifecycle administration of certificates and permissions, as well. The key advantages of PKI Management that PATECCO provides refer to identification of all internal and external keys, certificates and certificate authorities, continuous identity protection within the enterprise infrastructure, rapid replacement of compromised keys and certificates, maintaining compliance and automation of certificate requests and renewals.

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