Newark, DE. (April 29, 2019) – SIC Biometrics, a world leading mobile biometric and identification device developer and manufacturer, is pleased to announce that they will be launching the IdentiFI-30 at the Connect ID Conference and Exhibition 2019 in Washington, DC, on April 30th.

Quickly after the successful deployment of the IdentFi-45 G2 device, in law enforcement community, a single finger FAP-30 ultra-compact version was requested. True its reputation as an unparalleled product designer, SIC team created the IdentiFI-30 in days. One more time, SIC bring to the market a unique efficient product that is a game-changer in the day-to-day field operations.

The IdentiFI-30 is the world’s first mobile FAP-30 that uses secure and fast Wi-Fi communication; it is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows operating systems. Its very ergonomic design with dimension as small as 5.2 x 2 x 1.3’’, allow it to fit in a shirt pocket. This high-speed Wi-Fi device is features multiple security layers, and allows users to see fingerprints captured, in real time, at 10 frames per second on mobile devices or computers. Like the other IdentiFI devices, it can operate in temperature between 14°F and 131°F, meets the MIL-STD-810 specifications, and is rated IP 65.

The unparallel SIC smart power management allows the IdentiFI-30 to capture fingerprints continuously for 14 hours. When left on the new sleep/wake-up mode, the battery lasts more than 2 weeks and will be ready to capture prints in only 5 seconds.

The IdentiFI products are driven by custom applications and run on APIs available under the SIC Biometrics SDK suite. This will allow customers to develop a proof-of-concept in a matter of hours and plan for full integration in just a few days.

‘’The IdentiFI-30 is another cool project that SIC team realized and make us proud to help the organization that protects our territories. No compromise was done to meet our total-quality policy, even it was done in a record time. SIC secret-sauce is based on 20 years of innovations in the biometrics and ID industry, a unique engineering know-how, complemented by a dream ecosystem.’’ stated Eric Talbot, CEO of SIC Biometrics.

The new IdentiFI-30, the IdentiFI-50 released 10 days ago, and other SIC products will be in action in different booths of the Connect ID 2019. Come and meet SIC team members at the Integrated Biometrics Booth (# 111) on April 30th and May 1st.

About SIC Biometrics
SIC Biometrics Inc. ( was established in Virginia in 2012. It is the American branch of SIC Biometrics Global Inc., which was established in Quebec, Canada in 1999. All SIC products, design, firmware, and software are developed and manufactured in North America by SIC team members. SIC technologies have been deployed and used by over 50 million people. Our clients and members seek the accurate verification of identities in financial services, justice systems, as well as food and social services in the Americas, Western Europe, Africa, and the Middle East. Since its formation in 1999, SIC has been driving innovation in the biometrics industry.

SIC has 20 years of experience in pioneering advanced biometrics and ID solutions. Additionally, we have been one of the top global biometric/ID mobile product manufacturers since 2009 with the Touch Prox, IFMID iOS devices, All-in-One and IdentiFI products.

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