Mexico City – April 12, 2021 – A totally touchless reception, thanks to turnstiles or automatic gates with a QR code reader and virtual cards Does the Outcome? Greater dynamism in controlling the entry and exit of external personnel and internal, without the need for physical or personal credentials.

STid presents its new access control reader corporate, residential or industrial. The great welcome from technology market to devices that record accesses from visitors, through specialized software from a accurately and in real time, has given the starting point so that more and more users adopt this equipment, thanks to its communication protocols open to any integration.

The reader facilitates the identification of users with different profiles; visitors, employees, residents, drivers,  delivery men etc., for their ability to read multiple identification technologies. Reading QR Codes is assigned exclusively to visitors and virtual cards, through the STid Mobile ID ® App , will identify permanent users. While PVC cards (Desfire EV2 / EV3 recommended with encryption do not proprietary) are optional. This reader has configurable parameters through software, such as Code 2D (Data Matrix, QR Code, Aztec Code) and 1D Code (Code 128) with Hexadecimal, Decimal and ASCII formats in TT Dataclock or Wiegand, RS232 & RS485, in addition to RAW in OSDP. Lighting is configurable in mode economic, standard day and night, as well as environments with high lighting.


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