Las Vegas, NV, May 15, 2001 – CardLogix, a leading provider of smart card technology platforms for the secure transaction of data and value, announced that it has formed an alliance with USIS America, Inc., a leading provider of risk and knowledge management solutions for healthcare, to provide smart card-accessed health management tools. The announcement was made at the CardTech/SecurTech tradeshow in Las Vegas, where both companies are exhibiting in Booth #2041.

Under the agreement, CardLogix multi-function smart cards now accommodate USIS applications for employee health management. Employers and insurers can issue an employee badge/ID card that also features a health profile. The advanced processing power and security of smart cards enables portable and secure record storage and access to a database that yields information on current health, plus fitness and risk factors that can be evaluated to maximize a person’s potential for optimum health. This powerful tool is also used to anonymously manage employee health programs, minimize risk and keep down the cost of health plans.

Featured USIS applications include the Mini Medical Record® (MMR) and Health Scoring and Profiling tools. These applications provide secure, authorized and universal access to patient data that can be electronically tracked and updated, eliminating the need for redundant record keeping and reducing errors. The advanced security and portability of the CardLogix smart card platform combined with USIS tracking, authentication and security components ensure absolute privacy, in keeping with government HIPAA regulations on maintaining the confidentiality of health information.

“As a CardLogix Smart Partner,” said Ravi Rao, USIS Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Alliances, “USIS incorporates smart card-based applications that track and evaluate patient health data for individualized health management. USIS healthcare applications are delivered through the Internet with smart card access, tracking and authentication as a means to keep sensitive information private, secure and confidential as well as assist organizations with their efforts to meet HIPAA demands.” In a typical application access to the USIS MMR plus the Health Scoring and Profiling tools is incorporated onto a CardLogix Health Data card. Data is accessed and updated- via a card reader that features web access to individual employer databases. Product will be available in June.

The USIS applications are part of a wide range of specialized functions already incorporated into the CardLogix multi-function smart card platform. Working with various Smart Partners – independent solution providers – CardLogix maximizes card functionality by enabling many applications on a single card, accommodating several different, yet related functions at the same time.

USIS supplies health risk and knowledge management solutions, relying on Internet technologies, proprietary software and smart card chip technology to insurers, healthcare organizations, and pharmaceutical organizations.

CardLogix is a leading U.S.-based provider of smart card platforms for the secure transaction of data and value. CardLogix supplies smart cards as the cornerstone of healthcare management solutions in the U.S. and throughout the world, improving the quality of delivery, while reducing costs. The CardLogix smart card technology platform is the basis for innovative applications throughout the world in retail POS, healthcare, security, finance and entertainment. For more information, contact CardLogix at and (949) 380-1312.