Orlando, FL, May 19, 1997 – CardLogix, a leading manufacturer of smart cards today announced its CryptoVend Card for cashless vending transactions. The CryptoVend Card is a low-cost smart card for high-security vending where cash value is filled, stored and spent. Card applications include public telephones, copy/PC centers and Laundromats. The CryptoVend Card conveniently removes the need for coin and cash at vending machines and virtually eliminates theft and pilfering. CardLogix is introducing the CryptoVend Card here at the CardTech/SecurTech show at Booth #129.

Because the CryptoVend Card contains a computer chip, it can store more data than conventional magnetic-stripe cards (magstripe), like those used for credit and ATM transactions. The chip also enables the card to process more information more securely. The card features Symmetric Key Processing, (SKP) a proven form of cryptography that authenticates users by exactly matching issuer and user ‘keys’ to allow use of the card. CardLogix enhances SKP with another cryptographic algorithm that shifts key value with each card reading for added security. In Retail Vending, there are literally millions of unattended machines open to frequent break-ins and pilfering. With CryptoVend smart card technology, vendors not only make their business more secure, but their customers as well, ensuring each vending transaction is private and safe, as well as convenient.

The CryptoVend Card can integrate into a smart card-based point of sale (POS) system that includes a reader and a computer network that processes a transaction, begun by the insertion of the card for a purchase. CardLogix has teamed with smart card reader, software and systems manufacturers to offer products that are compatible with the CryptoVend Card. Two smart card reader vendors, Innovonics and American Magnetics, are now offering models that will work with the card.

More About the CryptoVend Card

The CryptoVend Card is available now. For more information and a demonstration, contact Emil Nastri, vice president of sales (949)380-1312 and sales@cardlogix.com.

CardLogix is a U.S.-based supplier of smart cards and Vault Cardsä for a variety of transaction-based industries, including retailing, banking, healthcare and entertainment. For more information, contact CardLogix, 16 Hughes, Suite 100, Irvine, Ca. 92618 and at www.cardlogix.com.