Irvine, CA, April 23, 2002 – CardLogix, a leading supplier of smart cards, today announced the expansion of its M.O.S.T™ microprocessor smart card family, introducing six new part numbers. The new cards broaden the company’s already extensive product line offered at various levels of security and cost for a variety of applications. Two high-end cards feature very dense memory capacity, at 32K Bytes and 64K Bytes, respectively. They both support encryption standards such as SHA, DES, and Triple DES, with the higher capacity card, P/N CLXSU512KJ9/T=0 supporting the latest Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) as well. With advanced encryption capability, these two cards fit very-high security applications, such as IT security, health records (EMR) and large data storage.

CardLogix is introducing the M.O.S.T.™ family with three new cards. This family features mid-performance security and ultra-low cost for applications such as stored value and loyalty. All cards in this group provide dynamic encryption sessioning to protect data during transmission. The company has also added a high-density memory card to its product line-up, the CLXSA001MD1, featuring 1MBit of memory capacity. This card supports the I²C interface and is suitable for large record storage.

All six new cards are fully supported by CardLogix award-winning development and middleware software, including M.O.S.T. Toolz™ for the microprocessor cards. M.O.S.T. Toolz™ recently received a five star rating and a recommended buy from SC Magazine for its performance and ease-of-use.

All cards are available in sample quantities now. To obtain product data and pricing, contact CardLogix at 949 380-1312 and

CardLogix Part Number Card Type Storage Capacity
CLXSU256KJ8/T=0ED 256K M.O.S.T. Microprocessor Card 32K Bytes
CLXSU5123KJ9/T=0ED 512K M.O.S.T. Microprocessor Card  64K Bytes
CLXSU004KK4/T=0  4K M.O.S.T-lc Microprocessor Card 512 Bytes
CLXSU008KK5/T=0 8K M.O.S.T-lc Microprocessor Card 1K Bytes
CLXSU016KK6/T=0 16K M.O.S.T-lc Microprocessor Card 2K Bytes
CLXSA001MD1 High-Density Memory card 128K Bytes

About CardLogix

CardLogix develops smart card platforms for the secure transaction of data and value. The CardLogix smart card technology platform is the basis for innovative applications throughout the world in retail POS, healthcare, security, finance and entertainment. For more information, contact CardLogix at and 949 380-1312.