Irvine, CA, October 20, 1998 – CardLogix, a leading U.S. manufacturer of smart cards and smart card development software, today announced the Movie Magic™ Application Programming Interface (API) for integrating smart cards into an existing movie theater Point Of Sale (P.O.S.) System. The Movie Magic™ API is a powerful, 32-bit, Windows program that enables a theater to upgrade their system with smart cards and create multiple points of purchase for added revenue and customer convenience.

The API speeds integration of card readers and cards into counter or kiosk P.O.S. configurations that read and write CardLogix Movie Gold™ smart cards. In a typical application, a customer purchases a card with a pre-set value, then obtains tickets by inserting it into the reader. The reader displays a initial card balance, deducts the purchase, then shows the new balance and generates a ticket. Refreshments and special offers can also be purchased this way. Interactive kiosk versions of a system can graphically display information, such as promotions and movie previews.

The benefits of deploying a smart card-enhanced P.O.S. System include:

  • Create a Profit Center Realize float (interest) on card balances and collect residual value on balances that are never used.
  • Build Loyalty – Residual balance on card motivates return visits. Loyalty points can accumulate for the theater or related businesses.
  • Create an Internet Marketing Platform – For virtual ticketing through your own web site.
  • Build Brand Awareness – Featuring a theater name on the card. New movie release artwork can be featured to increase collectable status. The card acts as a billboard in the customers pocket allowing the theater to sell space on the card to vendors and film distributors off-setting startup costs through co-branding.
  • Improve Customer Service Multiple points of purchase means eliminating box-office bottlenecks. Customer options include advance and/or offsite purchase of tickets.
  • Easy And Secure Operation For Customers Eliminates cash, safely stores value.
  • Capture Valuable User Information – To track buying patterns and preferences.

The Movie Magic API supports the following functions:

  • All low-level card-to-reader and reader-to-host communications
  • All encryption and decryption functions, including generating on-card passwords, key hierarchyAutomatic reader set-up and test
  • High-level increment, and decrement of card values

The Movie Magic™ API is available at no charge from CardLogix to theaters today.

Founded in 1994, CardLogix is a leading provider of cards and development software for integrating smart card technology into computing and transaction systems. Key application areas include Entertainment, Health Informatics and Banking. For more information contact CardLogix at (949) 380-1312,, 16 Hughes, Irvine, CA. 92618, or at,