Irvine, CA, June 22, 2009 – CardLogix, a leader in smart cards and software for secure digital authentication, and charismathics, a global leader in IT security components and identity management middleware, announced that they have formalized their partnership. charismathics is now a Smart Partner, supporting its solutions with CardLogix SIMs and smart cards. Together, these products form an ideal solution for securing identity on mobile handsets and other devices. The two companies combine extensive expertise in cryptography to produce solutions for digital authentication. These solutions fill an acute need for securing identity and data on mobile handsets as applications exponentially grow. Operators need authentication to protect against fraud and unauthorized use, and to assure customers that their personal data is safe and protected.

The CardLogix mobile telecom platform consists of SIMs, as well as operating system and development software, designed to speed development of mobile solutions of any kind, from NFC to Digital Signatures. CardLogix offers a choice of Java Card™, Native Delos™, and custom USIM operating systems, with a wide choice of capacities and functionalities. System development is streamlined with VirtuoSimo™ for universal wireless development, testing, and debugging; Geode™, for easy applet development; and S@T Manager, for quick creation of S@T scenarios through a user-friendly interface.

charismathics features products such as iEnigma©, which provides an easy to use, flexible identity and security solution for mobile PDA cellphones, leveraging the functionality of a smart card to store and transmit encrypted data. iEnigma makes it easy to integrate two-factor authentication, e-mail and document encryption into mobile communications. iEnigma also allows users to utilize multiple digital identities and digital signatures to sign documents and protect their identity.

Bruce Ross, CardLogix CEO, commented that the partnership with charismathics secures mobile users in new ways, resulting in more choice and better technology for operators and their enterprise customers. “CardLogix smart card technology, combined with charismathics applets, enables operators to strongly differentiate their company and products”.

Today, cell phone and mobile handsets are used for online banking, access to social networking sites, e-mail, and online purchases. The smart phone is an extension of your digital world, linking you with your PC and Internet. The charismathics and CardLogix partnership brings to market solutions that increase security for your digital identity on smart phones and mobile handsets, enabling the use of hardware authentication methods.

“The partnership with CardLogix strengthens our commitment to the mobile market, offering customers solutions to increase security and manage their digital identity for mobile handsets”. Said Anthony Davis, Managing Director of charismathics, Inc. “Our strategy is to innovate and bring to market solutions that add levels of security that are transparent and easy to use for every smart phone user”.

About charismathics

charismathics is a global leader in identity management software. Its premier product, the charismathics Smart Security Interface (CSSI), makes it cost-effective and easy for enterprises to integrate multiple authentication
solutions into a single, transparent interface. Since 2003, charismathics has pioneered the field of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), introducing the first PKI client to support Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) and the first PKI client to support pre-boot environments. charismathics’ iEnigma software secures handheld devices such as the iPhone and iPod Touch and provides streamlined two-factor authentication for the enterprise. charismathics offers security products and PKI consulting in a variety of industries including banking and finance, healthcare, telecommunications, security, government and PC manufacturing. For more information, please visit

About CardLogix Corporation

Founded in 1994, CardLogix is an ISO 9001/2000 Quality manufacturer of smart cards and software for the secure transaction of data and value. CardLogix smart card platforms empower applications such as Healthcare, Secure ID/Access, Mobile Telecom, Stored Value and Loyalty throughout the world, making every transaction safer and easier. Millions of customers in 36 countries trust CardLogix smart cards daily. For more information, please visit


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