IRVINE, CA, June 17, 2019 – CardLogix Corporation, smart card manufacturer and software developer, has introduced out-of-the-box solutions to issue smart cards that store biometric digital identities fast and cost-effectively.

IDBX™ Instant Biometric Smart Card Issuance System streamlines multi-modal biometric enrollment and smart card issuance at the desktop.

“In a matter of minutes, a user can capture a person’s face, fingerprints, irises, signature, and biographic information then encode, print, and verify that data to a contact or contactless smart card,” said Tom Hope, Director of Sales at CardLogix. “We look forward to demonstrating the process at ID4Africa.”

The complete system, with all hardware and software included, is shipped together in a pre-configured bundle ready to be used immediately without the need for custom programming. Users can enroll subjects in-line at the point of issuance or from a remote location.

“Having a working off-the-shelf solution that can be delivered, demonstrated, and used right away is invaluable to those that need to get their systems up and running fast and cost-effectively,” Tom added.

CardLogix states that the solution is also cost-effective.

“While large systems integrators are charging high prices for made-to-order solutions with long wait times, our system is pre-developed, saving customers at least 10,000 USD and several months of time for a single station system,” said Nick Schooler, Technical Sales Manager at CardLogix.

IDBX bundles are ideal for users that require an immediate proof of concept and those that prefer to evaluate the system hands on with the ability to modify as requirements are discovered.

Additionally, the entire identity system is flexible. IDBX works with multiple vendors for biometrics, ID card printers, end-use software applications, and hardware out the gate. Custom features and additional units can be purchased at any point after the initial order.

Leveraging data interoperability and international standards from the idblox® Identity Ecosystem, CardLogix and partners say they can offer smarter identity systems faster.

IDBX-issued biometric smart cards are perfect for systems that must rely on offline (or online) 1:1 biometric identity verification for authorized access to facilities, value, data, or other applications.

For mobile identity solutions, see BIOSID™, a compatible multi-modal biometric tablet solution by CardLogix.

More About IDBX Bundles

IDBX Instant Biometric Smart Card Issuance Bundles include:

  • Choice of multi-modal biometric capture devices (for face, fingerprints, iris, and signature)
  • Laptop equipped with software applications for:
  • Choice of desktop card printer with smart card encoder
  • Pre-configured contact and contactless smart cards with dual-mode card reader
  • Optional BIOSID Tablet solution for mobile identity verification and enrollment

CardLogix offers a variety of pre-assembled bundles for resale to jump start system deployments around the world. While they already meet a wide range of client needs, all hardware, software, and smart cards are customizable by CardLogix for unique requirements.

Learn more about IDBX™ Bundles

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