Irvine, CA, July 24, 2000 – CardLogix, a leading manufacturer of smart cards and software, announced today it is the exclusive provider for smart cards for use in the interactive kiosks provided by for the Democratic National Convention, to be held in Los Angeles August, the “Official Political Information Web site” for the convention, is providing Internet access to all delegates, members of the press and convention participants.  This is done via fully interactive information kiosks located at multiple points inside the convention at the Staples Center and throughout Los Angeles. These state-of-the-art kiosks are accessed via CardLogix smart cards and provide personalized information such as convention schedules, issue updates, status on party platform votes, and home district data for each delegate.  The kiosks are linked to the official convention website, as well as and related sites.

The CardLogix smart card securely accesses, stores and updates information, allowing convention participants real-time access to multiple, simultaneous events and news as they move throughout the convention and surrounding vicinity, including public areas and hotels.  This system permits unprecedented participation, mobility and interaction, giving delegates direct access to the convention process, wherever they happen to be. The kiosks and cards are part of a comprehensive, Internet-based system for that includes live convention webcasts, news reporting and chat rooms for voter comments.

About CardLogix

CardLogix Corporation is the leading U.S. manufacturer of smart cards and software, providing advanced technology platforms for the transaction of value and data. Founded in 1994, CardLogix provides cards, development and application software to leading integrators in financial, healthcare and entertainment applications throughout the world.  Contact CardLogix at and (949)380-1312.

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