IRVINE, CA, September 13, 2010 — CardLogix, a leading manufacturer of smart cards and software, announced today a major upgrade of its Smart Toolz® Smart Card Development Kit. Smart Toolz enables the development of a smart card system for a wide variety of applications, including Identity, Healthcare, Stored Value, and Loyalty.

 Smart Toolz Features:

  • A completely new Card Configuration Utility (CCU) – a feature-rich tool that simplifies and speeds up card development and testing
  • Contactless smart card support with software, cards, and a dual mode reader
  • Enhanced Winplex® middleware with .NET support

The Smart Toolz Card Configuration Utility is the newest tool for configuring and testing a card structure, efficiently focusing development on the exact card features that are desired. This reduces time-intensive research and
documenting, and streamlines card design.

CCU Features

  • An on-card data and security modeler to configure all security functions and to set up files
  • An on-card data editor for loading, editing card data, and enabling better visibility into its use with a secondary application. The editor also sets up on-card data security, such as encryption and permissions, for each
    configuration and sector.
  • A key vault for managing all of the keys used for a particular security profile

Smart Toolz Features

  • The CardAppz® Demonstration Tool for ‘test driving’ a card application. CardAppz helps non-programmers to fully demonstrate card capabilities within a completely configurable card database and system in order
    to illustrate a customer design concept. CardAppz is also powerful enough to demonstrate programmer-configurable options, such as user interface and security, in their custom applications
  • Five different contact memory smart cards, and five different contactless cards, including MIFARE™ types
  • A model 4701 F dual mode contactless card reader from Identiv, Inc.
  • Winplex® middleware for loading card data, with programming examples for C++, .NET, and Visual Basic

Smart Toolz provides full support for Windows XP, Server 2003, and Vista, as well as support for all the latest generation CardLogix cards and file types, including extended file types.

Smart Toolz sells for a suggested retail price of $299, and is available at authorized resellers, the CardLogix webstore at, and the corporate sales office at +1.949.380.1312. For more information about Smart Toolz, contact

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