Costa Mesa, CA, October 9, 1996 – CardLogix, a leading provider of chip transaction cards, announced that it has developed a smart card for movie theaters that stores and replaces monetary value for the purchase of tickets, refreshments and related products and services. The Movie Gold Card was developed in order to streamline ticketing by allowing moviegoers to store and spend with the card for fast and easy entertainment. The size of a standard credit card, with the addition of a specialized Smart Module (chip) the Movie Gold Card is purchased with a preset value, for example $65, good for use at either an individual or chain of theaters. When entering the theater, the user simply inserts the card into a self-serve card reader/kiosk, much like an ATM. A touchscreen within the kiosk is provided so that the cardholder can specify the number of tickets they wish to deduct from the card, as well as the desired movie and show time. The reader then approves the purchase, deducts the value from the card and prints out ticket(s) for admission at the requested time(s).

CardLogix has also developed Movie Magic software for use with the touchscreen and reader/kiosk that will transform them and the card into a complete system. The system allows the customer to preview current and future attractions, buy merchandise and purchase additional cards. The chip-based intelligence of the Movie Gold Card will allow the system to collect targeted information on each moviegoer and tailor kiosk information and special offers to user tastes.

Emil Nastri, vice president of CardLogix, says that the Movie Gold Card and system creates a “win/win” situation for both the owners and customers of movie theaters across the nation. “The card adds convenience and a sense of personal treatment for each moviegoer and builds loyalty and business for the theater.” For example, the system can track the type of movie most often viewed by a customer and issues a credit for similar-subject video rentals at a cooperating merchant.

“This is a powerful marketing tool that theaters as well as their business partners can use to profile the market and increase business in a targeted way that customers will appreciate”. Nastri added that in addition to selling the Movie Gold Card, CardLogix is issuing development kits to customers with Movie Magic software for use with the card so that they can customize their system kiosks to fit their individual market needs. Kiosk manufacturer RTC and reader manufacturer American Magnetics are prepared to support the Movie Gold Card and Movie Magic system and make kiosks and card readers readily available.

About CardLogix Corporation

CardLogix is a full-service card manufacturer and software developer specializing in smart card technology and secure digital technologies for system integrators, governments and businesses around the world. CardLogix sales consultants examine unique needs for card constructions and end-to-end system integrations. CardLogix offers graphic design services for primary card artwork and security graphics, chip embedding, chip initialization and encoding, and graphic personalization options such as serialized laser engraving.

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