SPS PFlex is an inlay made of multicoated synthetic paper. Thanks to its flexibility and durability qualities PFlex substrate constitutes an ideal inlay material for ePassport manufacturers. As it is made out of real cellulose-based with synthetic layers, PFlex brings an extreme stability in terms of resistance to temperature and humidity variations. SPS PFlex composition makes it a cost-effective solution for large volume manufacturing thanks to the fact direct costs are independent from the variations of raw materials such as oil.

Thanks to SPS new lamination process, PFlex is adapted to all passport covers. In addition, its strength allows using thinner passport covers, thus bringing an extra cost reduction in the ePassport global manufacturing process. The combination of PFlex with a thin passport cover brings additional flexibility to the finished product. Moreover, PFlex can be easily combined with specific hinges to facilitate integration into any passport design. Of course, PFlex can be combined with SPS Customized Antenna Image (CAI®) and Customized Module Image (CMI®), which bring an easy-to-control additional security feature to ePassports.

Domnique Charrié, Product Manager Identity, SPS declares: “With PFlex we are now able to propose an innovative, flexible material for ePassport, especially developed for eBooster® technology. The fact that PFlex is essentially based on composite structure ensures a better environmental stability, associated with a lower cost.”

In related news, SPS will demonstrate VHBR (Very High Bit Rate) communication on its booth during Cartes Secure Connexions. Endorsed by leaders in the secure transactions industry, VHBR brings much faster communications between portable objects, such as ePassports, and readers. VHBR is particularly adapted to the high quantity of data required to read an ePassport, especially in anticipation of the LDS 2.0 (Logical Data Structure) standard currently under development at ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) that allows to store visas and travel stamps in the ePassport chip. Thanks to its VHBR technology, SPS will demonstrate a data transfer speed up to 6.8 Mbits per second on its booth at Cartes, while regular transfer speeds based on ISO 14443 standard are limited to 848 kbits per second.

SPS will be exhibiting on booth 4L061, at Cartes Secure Connexions on November 17-19, in Paris Nord Villepinte, France.

PFlex is the latest member of the eBoost PASS® product line, which includes SPS offer for ePassports and eCovers based on different materials, like PFlex, paper or Teslin®. SPS eBoost PASS® product line builds upon the company’s eBooster® technology, based on inductive coupling between the chip with its small antenna and a larger antenna. Thanks to the fact there is no connection between the chip and the large antenna, inductive coupling ensures the best reliability for ePassport inlays. SPS is recognized as a leading supplier by many governments including France for inlays and the Philippines for eCovers.

About SPS
Smart Packaging Solutions is specialized in the design, manufacturing and sale of contactless solutions dedicated to ID cards, e-passport and dual interface banking cards. Headquartered in Rousset, France, with a subsidiary in Singapore, SPS employs 120 people. Part of the French group ‘Imprimerie Nationale’, the company specializes in contactless and dual-interface products, with a recognized micro packaging expertise. SPS has filed over 120 patents supporting its exclusive technologies. More information at http://www.s-p-s.com

SPS is part of the Imprimerie Nationale Group

About the Imprimerie Nationale Group
The Imprimerie Nationale Group is a high tech company, expert in engineering solutions for official credentials, the global management of identities and rights, the protection of sensitive data and controlling flows and complex printing processes.

The Imprimerie Nationale Group supports organisations in the public and private sectors in the production of credentials, the securing of documents and in the integration of trust services technological solutions. The Imprimerie Nationale produces more than 25 million secure credentials each year, including the French biometric passport.

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