CEE Updates

August 1, 2017

               What’s New? More Options For: 

               Biometric Enrollment and Smart ID Card Issuance

               Card Encoding Engine(CEE) Now Supports: 


Zebra ZXP 7 Pro Series

Ideal for Service Bureas requiring high-volume card printing, Zebra ZXP 7 Series offers superb image quality, high efficiency, and a low total cost of ownership

Combined, Zebra and CEE enable card issuers to personalize and encode biometric smart cards without requiring custom scripts, API’s or any user-programming. Learn more


FbF® bioEnroll by Fulcrum Biometrics

FbF bioEnroll combines a simple, intuitive interface with powerful demographic and biometric data capture capabi


Integrated with an extensive array of single, dual, and ten-print (live scan) fingerprint scanners, iris scanners, signature pads, standard webcams, and Canon EOS Rebel DLRS cameras, FbF bioEnroll allows you to customize the smartest solution for your exact use case. FbF bioEnroll exports data in multiple industry-standard formats, including XML for seamless function with credential issuance products like CardLogix’ Card Encoding Engine (CCE) for in-line smart card personalization. Learn more


Ember™  Biometric Registration System by Eyedentified

The EMBER Biometric System is the ultimate portable biometric enrollment system, available for PCs, tablets, and other devices. The system enrolls both biographic & biometric data including fingerprints, face, iris, and signature. EMBER is idblox compatible providing a seamless connection to CEE’s interfaceThrough its optional SQL Server interface, remote registration is possible anywhere with an internet connection – then print, encode, and issue biometric smart cards at a separate physical location with CEE. Learn more 


Configure Biometric Smart Cards Fast and Easily with M.O.S.T. 

CardLogix M.O.S.T. Toolz Fingerprint Edition includes full demonstration software with source code that enables a developer to capture a fingerprint image, extract this captured fingerprint into an ANSI/ISO 378 template, and compress the image with the FBI and ICAO-required WSQ algorithm for storage.  The process is fast and easy. 

Learn more


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 Did You Know? 


Card Encoding Engine™ (CEE) is the only ID Card Printer Software that enables card issuers with average computer skills to personalize and encode high security, multi-functional smart cards without requiring custom user programming. This is possible due to a unique methodology from the idblox ID Credential Ecosystem that standardizes over 103 data elements for rapid deployments. If necessary, the software can be customized by CardLogix to fit customers’ exact needs. 


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