CardLogix actively partners with companies around the world to create and support our smart card solutions. A Smart Partner is an expert in a product, market, or aspect of system development that complements CardLogix’ expertise. CardLogix empowers Smart Partners with all they need to develop, sell, and support our various smart card technology platforms.

The Smart Partner Program maintains partner relationships that each reflect a unique market and industry expertise. By adding CardLogix technology and products to their portfolio, a Smart Partner leverages these resources to expand market presence, build credibility, and close sales.

Some of the benefits of becoming a CardLogix partner include:

OEM Support

CardLogix has been at the technical forefront of smart card technology for over 10 years. We support our partners with technical assistance for the design and implementation of all types of card programs, from semiconductor options to printing and customization. Technical assistance is readily available, with worldwide support for both you and your customers’ implementation.

CardLogix also provides early access to a great selection of software tools. Our Beta Program allows you to contribute your comments and suggestions to help improve future releases. You also get access to a secure website for the downloading of new tools, programming examples, snippets of code, and technical assistance.

Manufacturing Strength

CardLogix offers flexible and reliable worldwide product delivery. As a partner, you have the option of receiving products either fully or partially assembled, ready for customization and integration with your final product. You can also choose varying levels of product customization and testing. We perform 100% testing and apply other stringent quality measures to every card component and finished assembly. Our goal is to deliver whatever, wherever, and however necessary to meet your customers’ needs.

Competitive Prices & Terms

We understand that competitive prices and terms are essential for your businesses to grow. We have designed our partnership programs to promote mutual success. The CardLogix style is to remain flexible to win business and completely fulfill customer expectations.

Sales Lead Generation

As a smart card market leader, CardLogix enjoys a strong presence worldwide. By matching Smart Partner expertise with opportunities, we can offer immediate activity increase and sales growth.

Market Support

Our marketing support includes exposure on the CardLogix website, as well as customer and market partner leads. Smart Partners have access to CardLogix press contacts, editorial opportunities, and participation in selected trade shows. Based on ongoing business, we also provide joint marketing funds to help you uniquely impact your local market.

Unique in the card industry, CardLogix does not maintain a software division and does not provide end-user solutions. We want to collaborate with you to speed application development and achieve mutual success!