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Irvine, Ca., February 23, 1998CardLogix, a leading manufacturer of smart cards, announces its Smart Toolz™ Smart Card Development Kit for the creation of smart card applications based on CardLogix products. Smart Toolz is the world’s most complete kit for smart card development that allows both computer-literate business people and professional programmers create a smart card system for hundreds of applications, from health records management to stored value and loyalty.

The kit features a supply of different cards, a serial port card reader/writer from American Magnetics and an integrated manual with tutorials on card system design and complete software documentation. Also included are two powerful software tools. CardAppz™ Application Development Software for Windows® and Windows NT® and a robust 32-Bit Application Programming Interface (API) Cardplex™, for advanced programming options. Smart Toolz is available directly from CardLogix and sells for $299.

With Smart Toolz, CardLogix is giving the market a much needed tool and a less expensive solution compared to other smart card development options.

More On CardAppz

CardAppz is a point-and-click program that streamlines the design and implementation of a card system and bypasses the time and cost of professional programming. The software takes the business user through a series of logical steps that allows for the rapid deployment of a card system. Each CardAppz process step is set within a simple and intuitive framework , features include:

Database Creation - The template-driven design process in CardAppz lets users create a host card database. CardAppz gives you many data format choices to fit your type of business information. After creation of this database the user can set their preferred security options. Three levels of security are available to choose from, depending on how sensitive the data is and who will be accessing it.

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Elimination Of Reader Interface Set-Up The reader interface function is automatic and completely transparent to the user. By just choosing your card type, the software configures itself for all low-level communications and links the card and its data with the reader.

Card Security and Personalization - Once you have loaded data into the card database you may set your desired encryption levels. CardAppz supports DES, Triple DES and Blowfish encryption. The software lets the issuer set PINs and Passwords for each card type selected.

Card Deployment - CardAppz is now set for the loading of data into cards and for the management of a mirrored system of records that is the nature of a distributed smart card system. Multiple readers can be distributed and any volume of cards issued that you wish.

More On Cardplex

Cardplex is a powerful 32-Bit API that allows for high-level integration of a card system with existing data structures. CardLogix has designed Cardplex as a separate tool for advanced programming options. It supports many card types and security options.

Cardplex provides library support for all of the transmission functions necessary in building a PC based smart card system. The API has specific support for I2C, extended I2C, 7816 synchronous, and 7816 asynchronous T=0, T=1 and T=14 protocols. This enables the professional to skip time-consuming serial port programming and easily link a card system with any Windows or Windows NT- based computing system. Also included are higher-level links for functions such as the setting of passwords and the decrementing of specific stored value cards. With Cardplex, the CD ROM includes easy to follow Visual Basic (version 5.0) programming samples.

More On the Smart Card Reader/Writer

The American Magnetics (A division of Axiohm Transaction Solutions) 152 reader supports the largest diversity of cards of any reader in the market. It shares complete BIOS compatibility with the model 171A for vending and industrial applications. This means that all development done with Smart Toolz can be deployed in multiple form factors such as kiosks and Laundromats. The 152 reader is molded from UL-94V0 rated plastic and features a compact design for easy integration.

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Market Background

Research firm Frost And Sullivan projects that revenue for smart cards will increase to more than $5 billion in 2003 from $964 million in 1996. Smart cards are quickly emerging as a new standard for the storage and transaction of information and value for everything from public telephones to medical records. Used in volume for many years worldwide, smart cards are being adopted in the U.S., with strong potential for growth in the Health Informatics, Entertainment and Banking and Finance markets. Until now, users could choose from either costly professional programming or expensive and incomplete kits that meant long periods of development time to confirm that smart cards work for their business. Now with this introduction of Smart Toolz CardLogix has provided a low-cost and simple implementation that de-mystifies smart card design and system development.

More On Smart Toolz

Smart Toolz is available now from CardLogix. For more information on Smart Toolz, contact CardLogix at (949)380-1312 and

More On CardLogix

Founded in 1994, CardLogix is a leading manufacturer of smart cards and development solutions for a variety of applications in Health Informatics, Entertainment and Banking. Contact CardLogix, 16 Hughes, Ste. 100, Irvine, CA. 92618 or at

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