Magnetic Stripe Cards

CardLogix offers a full lineup of magnetic stripe cards (magstripe cards) with options that range from full custom printing to personalization services for badging, ID issuance, retail programs, and gas cards. Flush mount roll-on assembly is available. Cards are offered with standard tracks 1, 2, and 3. Magnetic stripes are are offered as an option for all cards manufactured by CardLogix. Varieties of custom cards are available in CR-80 size with 20 and 30 mil thicknesses. CardLogix uses only high quality PVC, with mirror, matte, or combination finishes. Magnetic stripes are available in silver, gold, blue, red, and holomag styles. Numerous fulfillment options serve to complete the package. CardLogix incorporates years of experience and manufacturing expertise into every magnetic stripe card shipped. Full quality control is performed on all cards.

What’s The Difference Between a LoCo & HiCo Magnetic Stripe Card?

The amount of data that can be encoded on to a card with a magnetic stripe card is the same for both LoCo and HiCo cards. The primary difference between LoCo and HiCo cards has to do with how difficult it is to encode and erase the information on each type of stripe.

Low Coervicity or “LoCo”

LoCo magnetic stripe cards are best for sort term applications. These stripes are usually brown in color with a low intensity magnetic field of 300 oersted. The low intensity magnetic field makes it easier to erase and change the card’s data, subsequently increasing risk of damage if placed by another magnetic field. LoCo cards are ideal for applications where data is changed often or the card isn’t used often. Great uses are for hotel room keys, theme park season passes, amusement parks, and grocery loyalty cards.

High Coercivity or “HiCo”

HiCo cards are recommended for a majority of applications. HiCo magnetic stripe cards are typically black in color and they are encoded with a stronger magnetic field (2750 Oersted).

The stronger magnetic field makes HiCo cards more durable because the data encoded on the stripes are less likely to unintentionally be erased when exposed to an outside magnetic field.

HiCo cards are common in applications where they require a longer card life and are swiped often. Credit cards, bank cards, library cards, access control cards, time and attendance cards and employee ID cards frequently use HiCo technology.

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