Java Card 3.0.4

The Java Card 3.0.4 Classic Edition is based on an evolution of the Java Card Platform and targets resource-constrained devices that support applet-based applications. Release 3.0.4 is the second release of the Classic Edition.  Bug fixes and clarifications against the Java Card 3.0.1 specifications and new security algorithms have been added, while backwards compatibility is maintained. Specification documents include:

  • Virtual Machine Specification for the Java Card Platform, Classic Edition provides the instruction set of the Java Card Virtual Machine (VM), the supported subset of the Java language, and the file formats used to install applets and libraries into Java Card technology-enabled devices. This VM mirrors those VMs found in previous releases of the Java Card platform, including v2.2.2.
  • Runtime Environment Specification for the Java Card Platform, Classic Edition defines the necessary behavior of the runtime environment (RE) in any implementation of Java Card technology. The RE includes the implementation of the Java Card Virtual Machine, the Java Card API classes, and runtime support services such as the selection and deselection of applets.
  • Application Programming Interface for the Java Card Platform, Classic Editioncomplements the Java Card RE Specification, and describes the application programming interface of the Java Card technology. It contains the class definitions required to support the Java Card VM and the Java Card RE.