Smart Toolz® SDK – Memory Chip Card Development Kit

Comprehensive SDK for Atmel and Microchip Memory Chip Card Configurations and Software Development

Smart Toolz® SDK – Memory Chip Card Development Kit


  • Complete Software Development Kit for Memory Chip Cards
  • User-Friendly Memory Chip Card Application Tools
  • Memory Card Configuration Software for:
    • I²C Straight Memory Cards
    • Protected Memory Cards
  • Superior Data Security with Card Configuration Utility™ Software
  • Robust, I²C Memory Card Demonstration Software with Templates
  • Includes 14 Atmel and Microchip Chip Cards, Readers, and Software


Smart Toolz® Memory Chip Card SDK Development Kit is a comprehensive suite of software and hardware for the easy development of memory chip card applications. The kit includes CardLogix’ user-friendly Memory Card Configuration Utility for straight memory and protected memory Atmel® and Microchip cards that allows users to configure the card’s parameters, encode data to the chip, and communicate with the card through CardLogix Winplex® API & Middleware. The Memory Card Configuration Utility supports I²C memory cards, including Atmel and Microchip brands. The toolkit also features CardLogix’ CardAppz® software, enabling professionals to fully demonstrate I²C memory card’s capabilities within a fully configurable card database and system.

Smart Toolz SDK Includes:

Supports Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.


Rapid Memory Card Development

Smart Toolz software is designed to increase system development speed by including everything needed to quickly and easily design your contact card program. Included in the kit are five contact synchronous memory smart cards including I2C types, a contactless card readers, powerful software programs and middleware APIs.

User-Friendly Card Configuration Utility

Smart Toolz Memory Card Configuration Utility offers an intuitive user interface for creating your card project file. Data fields are virtually represented so that the user knows where his or her data is going to live and how much EEPROM is being used and is available. Smart Toolz gives a card issuer the flexibility to configure the card however best fits his or her needs, whether the card be used for loyalty and rewards applications, physical access control, or transportation.

Multi-Purpose Winplex® API and Middleware

The powerful Winplex® API Middleware facilitates and expands application development for a wide range of solutions by simplifying complicated commands and enabling greater card reader functionality than PC/SC middleware can provide.

Integrated CardAppz® Demo Software: Easy-To-Configure Card Database

Included with Smart Toolz is CardLogix’ CardAppz™, an integrated software program that can be used for demonstrating the streamlined creation and customization of a I2C contact memory card with a range of options to suit your application needs. CardAppz takes you step-by-step through the creation of a card database right through to a finished card design. With CardAppz software, computer-literate, non-programmers can apply the versatility and security of smart cards to automate every transaction, from identification to stored value to security access. CardAppz features easy and intuitive point-and-click commands that give you control over many features and security options. Once designed, you can complete your system configuration with many different reader options.

Learn more about Card Encoding Engine™, the innovative card printer software that enables rapid smart card encoding for contact and contactless cards without requiring any API programming.

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About CardLogix Corporation

Corporate Profile

CardLogix is an ISO 9001:2015 certified smart card manufacturer, software developer, and the premier provider of smart card technology with a comprehensive line of SDKs and tools that enable easy and rapid development of high quality smart cards. Since 1998, CardLogix has supplied millions of cards and card components to over 42 countries around the world. As an expert in smart card and chip technology, card operating systemscard software, development tools, and middleware, CardLogix has continuously been at the forefront of smart card technology.

CardLogix’ Mission

CardLogix’ mission is to make highly secure, high quality smart card systems more widely available to customers in need. CardLogix strives to make data transactions more secure, personnel and assets more protected, and to turn otherwise complex and expensive smart card systems into simpler, more cost-effective, and easier-to-develop solutions for everyone.

CardLogix Values

Trust is the primary commodity that CardLogix trades in every day. CardLogix builds and maintains customers’ confidence their products and processes, so that they can trust our cards to reliably protect personnel, sensitive data, and their most valuable assets. Starting with development software that’s flexible and easy to use to uncompromising customer support, CardLogix delivers on the promise of trust that our service inspires and our cards guarantee. Our company culture breeds initiative, commitment, and follow-through. As a global supplier and active industry participant, CardLogix understands the importance of being a responsible global business. With recycling, energy conservation, and full RoHS compliance, the company meets its goals with the environment in mind.

CardLogix Advantage

  • Experts in smart card technology with an understanding of what it takes to get a card project from A to Z
  • Commitment to ISO, ICAO, and industry conformance to ensure performance and interoperability
  • Extensive partnerships with companies that offer complementary smart card infrastructure components
  • Innovative products and solutions that simplify smart card development
  • Cutting edge technology, sophistication and differentiated quality at a fraction of competitors’ costs
  • Continuous customer support and involvement with evolving card projects

CardLogix Solutions

CardLogix manufactures high security and multi-functional ISO compliant smart cards, powered by CardLogix’ own operating systems. CardLogix offers easy-to-use SDKs for programmers, powerful middleware and APIs, a variety of applications software, and innovative solutions that empower end-users to develop and personalize smart cards without requiring any user-programming. The company partners with key suppliers in software, biometric capture, readers, and printers to deliver complete, leading-edge solutions. CardLogix smart card platforms provide solutions for multiple applications to markets globally, such as national, civil, voter and enterprise identity; physical and logical access cards; stored value; loyalty and rewards programs; e-purse; gaming, healthcare and other solutions that use a combination of multiple applications onto one card.

View CardLogix case studies.