The Corvus Tetrad™ Sleeve Mobile Biometric Solution

The Corvus Tetrad™ Sleeve Mobile Biometric Solution

  • FAP 50
  • Real-Time Cloud / Identity Server Interaction
  • On Board Persons of Interest Management/Alarming
  • Real-Time Video Analytics including Facial Recognition


The Corvus Tetrad™ Sleeve solution from Corvus Integration, Inc, is multi-modal identity capability.  Built for empowering the identification needs of governments, law enforcement and military applications, the Sleeve provides the real-time, identity decision making support required during a traffic stop, a border crossing or at dynamic checkpoints. The computing platform combines the best performance available today for a handheld computer with the enterprise class components and software required for the identity markets and needs.

Paired with the Sleeve’s networking functionality are the biometrics capabilities required for today’s identity programs, Fingerprint, Face, and Iris (optional). All biometric sensors are certified to create ISO standard images required for compliance and interoperability. Augmenting its baseline capabilities are a series of accessories to enhance and support additional requirements, including Identity credentials, analytics, and extended battery power. the Tetrad solution integrates the Identiv 4501 contact and contactless smart card reader, and a Gemalto Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) reader.

The Tetrad Sleeve uses the Integrated Biometrics Five-O ten-print fingerprint scanner. Integrated Biometrics‘ (IB) Five-O is a FBI-certified FAP-50 fingerprint scanner and has rapidly gained popularity as the only truly mobile 10-print scanner. At only 4.5” x 3.25” and 3/4” thick, the Five-O packs mobile 10-finger enrollment, verification, and booking capability into a compact unit that consumes very little power.


  • Law Enforcement
  • Military
  • Border Crossing
  • Event Management
  • Disaster Management
  • Identity Programs, including National Id, Passports, Visas


Corvus Tetrad™ Sleeve
CPU Quad Core Atom Tablet
Storage 64GB SSD (SD Slot for up to 64 GB additional storage)
Display 8” LCD TFT Touch Screen Display
Connectivity  Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (optional 3G and 4G support)
Connection 2 x USB 3.0  ports and an RJ-45 Network
Operating System Windows 10
Camera 5mp face camera
Fingerprint Scanner Integrated Biometrics Five-O ten-print (FAP 50)
Battery 3200 mAh battery (Primary)
Smart Card Encoder Identiv uTrust 4501 F
Smart Card Interface Contact (ISO-7816) and Contactless (ISO-144443)
Dimensions 13”L x 6”W x .5”H
Weight 30 oz.

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