Datastrip DSVII-SC Biometric Handheld with Smart Card Reader

Datastrip DSVII-SC Biometric Handheld with Smart Card Reader

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  • Compatible with FastCheck™ ID Card Validation Software
  • Ergonomic, lightweight design is ideal for mobile use
  • Rugged design and construction complies with IP54 and MIL-STD 810F standards
  • Integrated contact and contactless smart card reader/writer


Datastrip’s DSVII®-SC is a handheld, biometrically enabled device designed to support identification and verification applications. The DSVII-SC provides identity verification by reading contact/contactless chips found on identification documents and matching their contents with the selected biometric. In addition, the device supports numerous identification programs where a biometric is taken and compared against either watch lists or a central database where these images have been previously stored.

The DSVII-SC is the standard used in many applications worldwide, including law enforcement, military deployments, commercial physical access control systems (PACS) and mustering applications. These operations require accuracy and the ability to read smartcards, all PACS access cards (MOST, PROX, MIFARE and HID iCLASS) and documents utilizing magnetic stripe (magstripe).

The basic unit includes a contact/contactless smartcard reader, a 500-dpi fingerprint sensor for instant biometric verification, and a large color digital touchscreen display readable in direct sunlight or low-light conditions — all in a small handheld Windows® CE.NET unit weighing approximately two pounds.

Designed for flexibility, DSVII-SC features a variety of expansion capabilities such as WiFi (802.11b), GSM and GPRS. Third party options may be connected via Bluetooth®, USB, CF and serial ports, supporting applications such as memory expansion, bar code scanning and global communications.

Our FastCheck™ ID Card Validation Software is available of the DSVII-SC, you can find more information HERE.


  • Windows® CE.NET operating system and Hitachi based processor
  • Integrated 500 dpi fingerprint sensor for “on the spot” biometric identity verification
  • Open platform supporting biometric technologies from multiple industry leading biometric providers
  • High resolution colour digital touchscreen display with stylus providing excellent clarity in direct sunlight and low light conditions
  • Flexible communications options: Wi-Fi (802.11g), Bluetooth® and Cellular (GSM/GPRS)
  • Rugged, field-proven design and construction complies with IP54 and MIL-STD 810F standards
  • Built-in CF slots
  • Extended long life Li-Polymer battery
  • Ergonomic lightweight design for mobile use
  • Compatible with FastCheck™ ID Card Validation Software


For on-the-spot identity verification where product dependability is essential:


  • Authenticates PIV, TWIC, CAC and other issued credentials, delivering instant ID verification in mission critical environments such as ports and military bases.
  • Provides facilities a secure area to establish checkpoints where the identity of an individual can be verified away from larger populations.
  • Provides end users the option to use biometrics for identification purposes in scenarios where a watch list and no identity card is utilized.

Law Enforcement/Corrections

  • Reads and validates driver’s licenses, providing an AFIS platform for police.
  • Replaces paper-based inmate tracking and census programs with biometric authentication.

First Responder/Emergency Evacuation

  • Verifies first responder cards of officials responding to emergency disasters.
  • Account for individuals leaving disaster areas that are assembling at remote mustering sites.

Border Patrol

  • Protects borders by reading border crossing credentials and government issued documents, supporting US-VISIT and NEXUS Border Crossing programs.
  • Immigration and travel applications requiring “on the spot” biometric and ID document verification.

Access Control

  • Access control for manned identity verification at entry points, gates, vehicle side and other remote access areas via contact or contactless smart card and/or driver’s license. Use for emergency mustering point scenarios for employee tracking.
  • Identity verification for wireless systems for biometric transmission to a back-end system for ports, nuclear power facilities and other highly secured areas.
  • Commercial applications such as mobile point of sale and secure courier services.
  • Event management for reading ID cards to ensure tickets were purchased and authorize access to VIP areas. Identity verification of cardholders at stadiums and public events.



SIZE Approx. 7″ x 7″ x 2″ (185 mm x 185 mm x 50 mm)
WEIGHT Approx. 2 lbs (950gm)
OPERATING SYSTEM Microsoft® Windows® CE.NET Version 4.2
PROCESSOR Hitachi Renesas SH4 7760, 66 MHz bus, 198 MHz core speed
DISPLAY 3.5” colour digital transflective touchscreen with stylus 240 (H) x 320 (V) QVGA
MEMORY 64MB RAM, 32MB boot-FLASH, 128MB CF storage
FINGERPRINT SENSOR 500 DPI Capacitive Solid-State Sensor 12.5 x 15.0 mm (0.5 x 0.6 in) sensor area
KEYPAD 5-Button backlit rubber keypad (Power button + 4 function keys)
SMART CARD INTERFACE Contact for ISO-7816 cards
Contactless interface for ISO-14443 A/B
INTERFACE Serial, USB Host (2), CF Slots (1 external, 1 internal), LAN
Speaker Integrated 23 mm diameter
BATTERY High capacity rechargeable & user-replaceable Li-Polymer battery(s) Standard single battery provides 3000mAhr (up to 8 hours normal use). Second battery can be installed by user or factory fitted at time of order and will increase internal capacity to 6000mAhr.
POWER SUPPLY With AC Adapter/Charger:100-240 V AC, 50-60 Hz
With Optional Auto Adapter/Charger: 12-19 V DC

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