Matica Card Printer Laser Engraver MC-LX Module

Matica Card Printer Laser Engraver MC-LX Module



  • 10W fiber laser, MOPA technology
  • Supports MLI and CLI
  • Visual Security Elements (VSE)
  • Includes ‘TRIPODE’ (patent-pending)
  • High reliability
  • Up to 120 cards per hour


  • Laser security options: CLI/MLI, offset registration, MRZ reading
  • MC-L lamination module (single/dual side), one pass
  • Optical Reader: 1D/2D barcode
  • Optical Reader: Digital camera for OCR recognition


MC-LX  – Unparalleled Desktop Laser Module

The Matica MC-LX is Matica’s third generation desktop laser engraving module. The MC-LX gives the ability to laser mark a card to create micro text, CLI and MLI, tactile effects, braille, MRZ, ghost image, Tru/Window Lock or Matica Secure Protected Image (MSPI™). As an optional upgrade, the MC-L lamination module can apply a clear or custom holographic foil and UV blocker chemical components to providing extra durability and protection for the card.

Its engraving capabilities also ensure excellent performances in quality and accelerated speed on most materials used for standard and special applications, including PC, PVC*, PETG* and ABS*.

The MX-LX is powered by fiber Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) technology laser source. A new patent-pending card transportation system called “scratch-free” TRIPODE secures a friction-less transportation during the production. The sophisticated card transport method allows the card to tilt in all directions so the laser beam can reach all areas of the card. The integrated flip-over and vertical adjustment for “out-of-focus” effects reduces the number of hardware parts making the activation of options virtually installation-free. Unlike former desktop laser module, MC-LX has upgraded without the needs of mirrors or extra hardware part while performing visual security elements such as CLI and MLI Secure Visual Elements (SVE).

The MC-LX can be used as a standalone unit or it can be combined with a 600 dpi Matica MC660 retransfer printer. Adding an MC660 printer give it the benefits of advanced visual security features from over-the-edge dye sublimation retransfer technology – essentially, bringing the power of an industrial quality laser engraving machine to a desktop format.

The MC-LX Laser Module can also be purchased as a combination unit with a MC660 card printer at a lower cost as a LCP9660 Laser Color Personalization System.

*Laser engraving PETG, ABS or PVC requires using an additional vacuum system.


  • High-performance Master Oscillator Power Amplifier (MOPA) technology
  • Matica Secure Protected Image (MSPI)
  • 10W fiber laser
  • Visual Security Elements (VSE) such as Multiple Laser Images (MLI) and Changeable Laser Images (CLI)
  • 1600 dpi laser engraving
  • TRIPODE (patent-pending) frictionless card transportation system
  • High definition duplex laser marking
  • High reliability
  • Up to 120 cards per hour
  • Tru/Window™ Lock feature comprises a secondary portrait image known as ‘inverse personalised ghost image’. The cards consist of a transparent window containing a metallic foil integrated into the polycarbonate (PC) card. Based on a sophisticated laser ablation process, the laser forms a secondary portrait in the window
  • Micro-text hidden in the design of the card and are only visible through a magnifying glass


Laser Module Options

Part Nos Description MSRP / USD
PR10101011 MC-LX CLI (Changable Laser Image) and MLI (Multiple Laser Image) Functionality 7,495.00 USD
PR10101012 MC-LX Laser Vision Registration X,Y,Ɵ 7,495.00 USD
PR10101013 MC-LX Laser Vision Validation 7,495.00 USD
PR10101014 External Vacuum System / Filter (Air Filtering System Acc) 7,895.00 USD


Additional Modules and Options

MC660 Retransfer Printer Options and Accessories  (1)
Part Nos Description MSRP / USD
PR000660 MC660 Retransfer Printer / Dual Side / 600dpi 6,895.00 USD
PR000661 MC660 Retransfer Printer / Dual Side / 600dpi with Mag Stripe Encoder Module 7,895.00 USD
PR00600006 MC660 Retransfer Printer / Dual Side / 600dpi with Dual Interface Encoder 7,910.00 USD
PR00600008 MC660 Retransfer Printer / Dual Side / 600dpi with Mag Encoder and Dual Interface Encoder 8,910.00 USD
PR10611008 Manual Lock for MC660 Series 60.00 USD
PR10611004 MC660-Series Inline Dual Interface Encoder Module (Contact & Contactless Cards) Support for 13,56 Mhz contactless encoding standards 775.00 USD
PR10611001 MC660 Series Mag Stripe Encoding Module 950.00 USD

Support & Downloads

Matica Government Personalization Solutions




  • Up to 120 cards per hour (cph)

Base Machine

  • LX laser station with open frame transport for dual-side marking
  • Integrated filtering, MaticardPro production SW License


  • External filtration system

Laser resolution

  • Laser: 300 dpi to 1600 dpi. High quality gray scale for ID pictures


  • Vector laser and true type

Card Types

  • PC, PET, Composite, ABS and PVC (with vacuum)
  • ISO CR80, ISO 7810, ISO 14443 (53,98 x 85,60 mm) (212.5’’ x 337.4’’

Laser security options

  • Visual Security Elements (VSE)
  • – CLI/MLI visual security options
  • – MSPI™ (Matica Secure Protected Image) -needs vision option
  • – Tactile effect
  • Vision: offset registration
  • Vision: MRZ reading

Laser Station

  • Protected marking chamber with inspection window


  • Laser marking software for laser layout creation
  • MaticardPro card production software with third party GUI integration option
  • Smartcard SDK
  • Supported OS: Windows 7,Windows 8 and Windows 10.

Communication Interface

  • USB 2.0 – Ethernet

Dimensions &Weight

  • L x W x H: 600mm x 400mm x 800mm. (23.6” x 14.5” x 31.4”)
  • Approx. 30kg (depending on config.)

Electrical Requirements

  • Auto-switching internal power supply: Input 100-240 volts AC
  • 50-60Hz – 450W (depending on config.)


  • 2 years (or 1,000,000 cards, whichever comes first)

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