Matica XID8600 600 DPI Dual-Sided Retransfer Card Printer

Compact and Scalable Card Printer and Encoder

Matica XID8600 600 DPI Dual-Sided Retransfer Card Printer


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Compact and Powerful Desktop ID Card Printer

  • Over-the-edge, re-transfer card printing
  • 600 x 600 dpi duplex printing
  • High-volume output of up to 120 cards per hour
  • Very high print quality and reliability
  • A range of security features to ensure optimal safety and fraud protection


The Matica XID8600 ID card printer is the high-end printer in the retransfer XID 8XXX series. The XID 8600 features a ultra high resolution of 600dpi, perfect for the increased on card security printing demands in ID card applications, such as national ID programs and drivers license programs.

The standard model XID 8600 comes with a factory built-in flipper module for dual-sided printing, making it possible for extremely high resolution printing on both sides of the card and relies on over-the-edge dye sublimation retransfer technology to achieve top-notch results.

On-demand modules are available for inline lamination on the front and/or backside of the card for additional security and extended surface protection against abrasion or other physical impacts.

The XID8600 has an output of up to 120 cards an hour allows for a quick turnaround without compromising the quality and means that card issuance will not hold your organization back, even in the times of highest demand.

The retransfer technology allows the printer to print on all kind of card materials, such as PVC, ABS, PET, hybrid card constructions, Polycarbonate and even Smart Cards with an embedded chip, as well a whole range of options and features to ensure your card is as secure as possible.

The printer is ready to meet your individual requirements and can be equipped according to the customer needs. Optional magnetic stripe (magstripe), IC contact and contactless smart card encoding is possible for further demands on card functionality. Extend the life time and security of your cards by joining the printer with the EDIsecure® Inline Lamination Modules ILM-LS for single-sided lamination and ILM-DS for simultaneous dual side lamination.

Diverse security features such as electronic security lock, Ken-sington-lock, dye-sublimation UV ink ribbon for invisible security printing, IPSEC for encrypted data transfer through networks, and Security Erase of black data on used supplies help to secure the environment and cards from counterfeiting and to avoid misuse of personal information.

Easy-to-use interface

Matica card printer display

Status Display

The Matica XID 8600 ID card printer offers several features that offer maximum flexibility in a professional environment, and innovative benefits of ease of use. The user-friendly front-loading systems, with replaceable cartridges, makes changing supplies fast and easy. The built-in operating panel with LCD display makes the printer easy to setup and operate, providing low ribbon warnings, cleaning notifications, automatic ribbon detection and other functions.

Rapid Smart Card and eID Card Personalization—The Card Encoding Engine™

Matica XID8600 benefits from the most innovative solution for smart card personalization and electronic chip encoding today—The Card Encoding Engine™. The Card Encoding Engine is the only printer software solution available that permits instant chip encoding for contact and contactless smart cards without requiring any custom programming, or any programming at all. The XID 8600 is also supported by the idblox™ Smart Card Ecosystem, which enables the fastest, easiest and most affordable development of microprocessor-based smart cards today.

For rapid and flexible chip encoding, pair your XID8600 card printer with the Printplex® Smart Card Encoder and The Card Encoding Engine—No Programming Required.


  • Clustering with EDI Secure Connect IPM
  • Duplex printing
  • Laser marking
  • Magnetic and chip encoding
  • one pass
  • Security: UV printing
  • Single/ Dual-side lamination


Print Method
Dye-sublimation retransfer
Card Printing Capability
Color & monochrome printing
Print Mode
Single- or double-sided (optional) over-the-edge retransfer printing
Print Speed
Up to 120 cards per hour (36 seconds per single-sided full-color (YMCK) card)
Print Resolution
300 dpi
Reproduction gradation
256 levels each for Y, M and C. 2 levels for Resin K
Lifetime warranty (using EDIsecure® materials)
Card Types
PVC, Composite PVC, ABS, PET and Polycarbonate Cards of ISO ID -1/CR-80 size, 85.60 x 53.98 mm
Card Thickness
0.25 – 1.02 mm / 10-40 mil (hopper adjustement required)
Input Hopper Capacity
200 cards (0.76 mm)
Output Hopper Capacity
100 cards (0.76 mm)
USB2.0(Hi-speed/Full Speed)
Operating System Support
Windows XP, 7, 8
Printer Dimensions
343 x 322 x 360 mm / 13.5” x 12.6” x 14.7” (WxDxH)
13.9 kg (excluding optional built-in items)
Power Supply
100/120 V and 220/240 V, 50/60 Hz FCC, CE, UL, GOST-R, and CCC approved
Current consumption
3.5 A (100 V system)
1.6 A (200 V system)
Operating Environment
Temperature: 15 °C to 30 °C
(When peel-off ink, UV ink is used: 17 °C to 28 °C)
Humidity: 35 % to 70 % No condensation
(When peel-off ink, UV ink is used: 35 % to 60 %)
Noise Level
Operating: <55 dB (A)
Storage environment conditions
Temperature: -15 °C to 55 °C
Humidity: 20 % to 80 %
Temperature: 5 °C to 25 °C
Humidity: 40 % to 60 %
Included with Printer

  • 3 year (all parts & labor) printer and lifetime printhead warranty – with the use of EDIsecure materials
  • USB cable
  • Power cable
  • Microsoft Windows drivers
  • User manual
  • Empty ribbon cartridge – ribbon not included
  • Empty retransfer film cartridge – film not included

Matica XID 8300 card printer dimensions

Ribbons and Consumables

Matica EDIsecure® Consumables provide high quality printing and ease of use. Each printer automatically recognizes the ribbon type and knows exactly how to use it in the most optimized way.

Genuine Matica Ribbons provide status checks of the remaining ribbon and automatically alert when the ribbon is running low. Only EDIsecure® Consumables ensure maximum performance and maximum print head life.

  • Ink Ribbon (YMCK), 1,000 frames/roll (Model: DIC10216)
  • Ink Ribbon (YMCKK), 750 frames/roll (Model: DIC10217)
  • Ink Ribbon (YMCK-PO), 750 frames/roll (Model: DIC10218)
  • Ink Ribbon (YMCK-UV), 750 frames/roll (Model: DIC10313)
  • ART Retransfer Film, 1,000 frames/roll (Model: DIC10319)
  • Cleaning Kit (Model: DIK10044)
    • Set incl. 10 print head cleaning swabs, 10 cleaning tissues for
    • rollers and 10 special cleaning cards
  • Magnetic Stripe Encoder Head Cleaning Cards (Model: DIC10311)
    • Box of 10 cards


Laser engraving with Matica XID 8600

Biometric Enrollment and Issuance

Matica EDIsecure® XID8600 high resolution card printing

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