Primacy Simplex Fire Red Contactless Encoder Card Printer – PM1H00HSRS

Modular Dual-Sided ID Card Printer and Encoder (Fire Red)

Primacy Simplex Fire Red Contactless Encoder Card Printer – PM1H00HSRS


Modular, 1-Sided ID Card Printer and Encoder

Primacy Simplex Fire Red Contactless Encoder Card Printer – PM1H00HSRS

  • 1-Sided with Ethernet Connectivity
  • Powerful, Fast and Compact
  • 140 Cards/Hour for l-Sided YMCKO-K Printing
  • Optional wireless connection
  • Modular Design: add extra encoding options at any time
  • Efficient, Eco-Friendly and Silent
  • 3-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Seamless Integration with The Card Encoding Engine™
  • Included: SpringCard Crazy Writer HSP Contactless Encoder
  • Included: USB & Ethernet with Cardpresso XXS software license


The Primacy Simplex ID card printer by Evolis is an ideal choice for applications that require medium to large batch printing on 1-sided cards with magnetic stripe or smart card encoding. Primacy Simplex is fast yet it runs silently, powerful yet compact, and durable yet lightweight. Primacy Simplex is modular, easy-to-use, and adaptive to your organization’s growing needs. Any Primacy Simplex printer can be configured at any time to include a combination of magnetic stripe (magstripe), contact and/or contactless smart card encoding modules after purchase, making your purchasing decision less complicated with a printer that grows with your application’s evolving requirements.

Highest Performance ID Card Printer—Fast, Powerful and Efficient

This fast and high-performance ID card printer is the most powerful card printer in its category. Primacy Simplex can handle production runs of up to 140 cards  (or more) per hour with for 1-sided printing with YMCKO-K ribbon. With the 100-card capacity of both the output hopper and the feeder, you will rarely need to reload cards, so that you can issue ID cards more efficiently. The 250-card capacity of the color ribbon cassette (YMCKO) provides an additional time and cost saving advantage.

Modular Design—All Encoding Options Can Be Added Any Time After Purchase

The Primacy Simplex Card Printer is built with modularity and scalability in mind. All encoding options, including magnetic stripe and contact and contactless smart card chip encoding, can be combined and installed within your same printer at any time after shipment or on site upon purchase, and easy-to-install upgrade kits are available for purchase. In addition to encoding options.

See CardLogix’ M.O.S.T. Card® C Series for an Affordable, High-Security and Multi-Functional Smart Card Solution

User-Friendly Features and Easy-To-Access Parts

The Primacy Simplex printer is designed to make the user experience simple while allowing easy access to all of its features and consumables. The Evolis Premium Suite® is intelligent software allows the Primacy Simplex to self-configure so that you don’t have to. The software also makes it possible to dialog with the printer from your PC. The feeder and output hopper are located at the front of the printer, making handling a breeze. The user may look through the clear front panel in order to check the amount of cards still remaining at any moment, so that he or she may anticipate the next batch of cards. If there is ever a problem with encoding, an error message directs cards to be ejected into a special reject tray.

Quality Assured 3-Year Warranty and Strong Reliability

Committed to superb quality control and quality management, Evolis guarantees its customers the strongest performance and most satisfying results to exceed your expectations. A 3-year warranty is included with this product to ensure your utmost satisfaction with the product. And if you are having any trouble, the Primacy Duplex software comes with 24-hour on-line assistance.

Rapid Smart Card and eID Card Personalization—The Card Encoding Engine™

Evolis’ high-speed Primacy Simplex benefits from the most innovative solution for smart card personalization and electronic chip encoding today—The Card Encoding Engine™. The Card Encoding Engine is the only printer software solution available that permits instant chip encoding for contact and contactless smart cards without requiring any custom programming, or any programming at all. The Primacy Simplex is also supported by the idblox™ Smart Card Ecosystem, which enables the fastest, easiest and most affordable development of microprocessor-based smart cards today.

For rapid and flexible chip encoding, pair your Primacy Simplex card printer with the Printplex® Smart Card Encoder and The Card Encoding Engine—No Programming Required.

Energy Saver–Energy Star Certified

In comparison to earlier generations of printers, Evolis Primacy Simplex benefits from a 500% decrease in energy consumption. Concern for the environment and efficient energy sources has rewarded them the ENERGY STAR certification, compliant with the ErP directive.


Daul-Sided-USB & Ethernet – Includes eMedia CS Standard Software – 2 Year Warranty


Primacy Duplex Base Model – Fire Red
MSRP $2,590
Call For Discounted Pricing
Primacy Duplex Base Model – Brilliant Blue
MSRP $2,590
Call For Discounted Pricing
Primacy Duplex Wireless Printer – Fire Red- USB & WiFi Connectivity

Only Contact your sales representative regarding field upgrade compatibility

MSRP $3,030
Call For Discounted Pricing
Primacy Duplex Mag ISO – Fire Red

Mag ISO Dual HiCo/LoCo 3-track magnetic stripe (magstripe) encoder

MSRP $3,045
Call For Discounted Pricing
Primacy Duplex Mag ISO – Brilliant Blue

Mag ISO Dual HiCo/LoCo 3-track magnetic stripe (magstripe) encoder

MSRP $3,045
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Primacy Duplex Contactless – Fire Red

SpringCard Crazy Writer encoding module

MSRP $3,465
Call For Discounted Pricing
Primacy Duplex Smart & Contactless – Fire Red

Evolis SCM Dual Smart Card and Contactless Encoder

MSRP $3,530
Call For Discounted Pricing

Primacy Duplex can be upgraded to include any encoding option, include magnetic stripe (magstripe), contact and contactless chip card encoding, at any time with the following field upgradeable kits.


PMY1-KTDS Dual-Sided Upgrade Kit for Primacy Simplex Upgrade only MSRP $660
Call For Discounted Pricing
S10131 Locking System Kit – Including Torx allen key and screws MSRP $320
Call For Discounted Pricing
S10107 Smart Contact Station (smart card)(DB9) Kit Including daughter board and DB9 cable MSRP $325
Call For Discounted Pricing
S10108 Including dual HiCo/LoCo 3-track magnetic stripe (magstripe) encoder, flywheel and cable MSRP $410
Call For Discounted Pricing
S10110 SCM Dual Encoding Kit Including smart contact station (smart card), antenna bracket, daughter board and cables MSRP $780
Call For Discounted Pricing
S10111 SpringCard Crazy Writer Encoding Kit Including antenna bracket, daughter board and cables MSRP $725
Call For Discounted Pricing
S10112 Encoder’s Mounting Plate Kit Including encoder’s mounting plate, screws and rivets MSRP $70
Call For Discounted Pricing

For all encoding options except Mag ISO, it is necessary to order the encoder’s mounting plate kit to finalize the installation of the options. One plate per printer. Printer models with a Contactless option are fitted as standard with a coupler for MIFARE Contactless cards (ACG+P6152 BA, ISO 14443A). Other coupler types for Contactless cards are available upon study. Call CardLogix for more information +1 949 380 1312

Did you know that smart card and other eID card encoding can be executed faster and easier than ever before? CardLogix and partners have revolutionized the smart card development and personalization process.

Learn more at and The Card Encoding Engine™


Technical Specifications
  • Single-sided or Dual-sided
  • 300 dpi print head
  • 16MB Memory (RAM)
  • Color dye sublimation
  • Monochrome thermal transfer
  • Single-sided or Dual-sided
  • Color (YMCKO): 190 -210 cards/hour
  • Monochrome: 600-850 cards/hour
  • Dual-sided
  • (YMCKO-K) : 140 cards/hour
  • USB 1.1 (supports 2.0)
  • Ethernet TCP-IP 10BaseT (traffic Led)
  • Printer LEDs
  • Graphical notifications: empty input hopper alert, cleaning alerts, empty/low level ribbon alert
  • Height 247mm x length 205mm x width 381 mm
  • Height 247mm x length 205mm x width 381 mm (with eject tray)
  • Weight: 4.02 kg (8.86 lbs)
  • Input hopper 100 cards
  • Output hopper 100 cards
  • Reject hopper 30 cards
  • All PVC, Composite PVC cards, PET, ABS and special varnished cards
  • Card thickness: 0.25 to 1.25mm, gauge adjustment (0.25mm/10 mil cards for monochrome printing only)
  • Card format: ISO CR80 -ISO 7810 (53.98mm x 85.60mm)
  • Printer
  • CD-ROM with printer drivers, user manuals, and eMedia CS
  • Cleaning kit
  • USB cable
  • Reject tray
  • Power supply and cord
  • Encoding options can be combined
  • Upgrades can installed on-site by adding new modules:
    • Magnetic stripe (magstripe) Included
    • Smart contact station
    • Smart card encoding
    • Contactless encoding unit
  • Included Media CS Card Designer, Standard Edition, unlimited version (supports Windows7 and Vista)
  • Included driver for Mac OS X (from 10.5 onwards)
  • Included with Evolis Premium Suite® for Windows:
    • Evolis Print Center for printer management and settings
    • Printer driver and Printer Manager for bi-directional graphical notification
    • Compatible with Windows: XP SP3; Vista 32/64, W7 32/64
  • Other OS: Linux upon request
  • When operating: 48dB (A)
  • During sleep mode: background noise level
  • (Evaluated according to ISO 7779 standard)
  • Slot for Kensington® security lock
  • Data encryption for magnetic encoding
  • Standby mode & reduced energy consumption
  • CE, FCC, IEC, VCCI, CCC (6) , KC (6) compliant
  • ErP 2009/125/CE, ENERGY STAR, ROHS compliant
  • Min/max operating temperature: 15° / 30 °C (59° / 86 °F)
  • Humidity: 20% to 65% non-condensing
  • Min/max storage temperature: -5° / +70 °C (23° / 158 °F)
  • Storage humidity: 20% to 70% non-condensing
  • Operating ventilation: open air
  • Power supply : 100-240 Volts AC, 50-60 Hz, 1,8A
  • Printer : 24 Volts DC, 3 A
  • Arial 100, Arial bold 100
  • Barcode: Code 39, Code 128, EAN 13, 2/5 interleaved
  • 3-year warranty (printer and printhead)


CardLogix solutions and the Evolis Primacy Duplex card printer unite to provide endless application opportunities. From professional looking business cards to high security national ID programs, security access control systems and secure payment plans, the Primacy Duplex can do it all. CardLogix provides high quality plastic cards with combination magnetic stripe (magstripe), contact and contactless smart card options to meet any of your card application’s security and functionality needs. With The Card Encoding Engine™, smart card encoding and card personalization can now be done faster and easier than ever before—without requiring the user to undergo any programming. The CardLogix M.O.S.T. Card® family provides affordable smart cards that range from 4k bytes of user memory to 144k bytes with advanced security features and multiple on-card application capabilities.

Applications Include:

Gaming, Casinos and Hotel Casinos

Player’s Card: Player Tracking, TITO Replacement, Physical Access, and Secure Online Gaming – All On One Card!

School Campuses

Multi-application ID Cards for Room Access, Meal Plans, Time & Attendance, Test Taking and More

  • Student Identification
  • Teacher Identification
  • Staff Identification
  • Visitor Identification
  • Time and Attendance
  • Test Taking
  • Library Cards
  • Meal Plans and School Merchandise Purchase

High-Security Identification and Card Authentication

ID Cards for Government and Enterprises—Identification and Physical and Logical Access Control Systems

  • Voter ID
  • Civil ID
  • National ID
  • Visitor ID/ Alien ID
  • Employee ID
  • Physical Access Control Systems
  • Logical Access and Single Sign On

Healthcare Management and EHR

Multi-functional ID Cards for Staff and Patients