Printplex® API & Coupler


Printplex® API & Coupler

This product is discontinued.


The CardLogix Printplex API is a low-cost solution for encoding smart cards for any application. This powerful API is matched to a hardware coupler for encoding smart cards without expensive and specialized equipment. Printplex is designed to work with any dye-sublimation card printer models including Evolis, Zebra, DataCard, Magicard, and Fargo.

The DLL format of the Printplex API integrates your application with hooks to development and programming environments such as .NET, Java, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, Oracle, and Sybase. Printplex enables rapid development through clear documentation and programming examples. It includes multiple, high-security commands for authentication and cardholder verification and a variety of encryption algorithms. The Printplex API and coupler are the tools you need to deal with the complex requirements of card issuance with multiple applications, security settings, and printing equipment. These products, integrated with your application will enable personalization at the point of card issuance with the greatest degree of flexibility available today.

The CardLogix Coupler (Model 22) will work with ANY card printer that has a DB-9 connector that is wired directly to an internal contact smart card connection.

We wire the coupler’s DB-9 output connector to match the input connector on the back of the our customers’ most common smart card printers. Standard coupler models are wired to match Zebra, Evolis, DataCard, and Fargo printers.

We can modify the coupler’s internal connections to match any other printer model if you will be purchasing more than 10 couplers. An alternate solution is to purchase the standard Zebra or Evolis coupler (which has the DB-9 pin 1 connected to chip pin 1, DB-9 pin 2 to chip pin 2, etc.) and make a connector adaptor that connects it to your printer. We can either supply you with the wiring information needed to make the adaptor connector, or we can make the connector adaptor and send it with the coupler at a cost of $30 (USD) each.