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CardLogix offers a variety of readers/programmers to handle the many different requirements of the marketplace. We support many of these readers with our own middleware, "Winplex" which enables rapid application deployment by offering clear syntactical calls for Visual Basic, C++ , Java and Delphi development environments. The reader model 152 from American Magnetics is what we ship with the Smart Toolz Development Kit. This reader supports the widest variety of card types in the market today. If you are looking for a non PC-based transaction terminal, we recommend that you contact Verifone or contact one of our Smart Partners that specialize in POS environments. 

Precise Biometrics is an innovative security company that supplies world-leading products for authentication using fingerprints. The company’s products are cost effective and provide security and comfort combined with top-class protection of personal integrity.

Precise 100 SC BioKeyboard

Precise Biometrics' newest innovation, the Precise BioKeyboard, is an ergonomic keyboard with a built-in fingerprint and smart card reader. It does away with the need for a separate reader by combining superior biometric fingerprint security with a keyboard. Click here for a detailed specification.

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Precise BioAccess™ Mifare

Precise BioAccess™ Mifare is a plug and play fingerprint reader that offers unparalleled security for access control. It uses templates stored in a Mifare contactless smart card to provide personal proof that people entering a premise are who they claim to be. 

Precise BioAccess™ Mifare is convenient, fast, accurate, easy to implement and extremly cost effective. The heart of Precise BioAccess™ Mifare is SecuriCore™, an image-processing and matching ASIC that can be integrated in card readers and electronic clocks. Precise BioAccess™ Mifare is compatible with Data/Clock (Magstripe), 26-56 bitars Wiegand, and RS485, the major systems used for access control. Other formats optional.
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Precise 100 SC

Precise 100 SC is the answer for a high level security. In this award winning solution, fingerprint templates are stored on a smart card to minimize the risk of template theft. Fully supported by M.O.S.T. Toolz and Winplex. The 100 SC comes with sample source code to build your own applications. The reader is a fully featured T=0, PC/SC USB device that enhances security solutions with quality biometric functionality. Click here for a detailed specification.
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