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CardLogix offers a variety of readers/programmers to handle the many different requirements of the marketplace. We support many of these readers with our own middleware, "Winplex" which enables rapid application deployment by offering clear syntactical calls for Visual Basic, C++ , Java and Delphi development environments. The reader model 152 from American Magnetics is what we ship with the Smart Toolz Development Kit. This reader supports the widest variety of card types in the market today. If you are looking for a non PC-based transaction terminal, we recommend that you contact Verifone or contact one of our Smart Partners that specialize in POS environments. 

SCM Microsystems' smart card Interface products provide OEM customers with cost-effective solutions that maximize interoperability between the widest range of smart cards, operating systems, and industry standard APIs. 
SCR201 Short 
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SwapSmart is a PC Card (PCMCIA) device that provides a portable, universal, secure and cost-effective bridge between smart cards and PCs. The SwapSmart smart card reader enables easy access to the growing number of smart card applications such as access control to computers and networks, file encryption, digital identification, secure personal databases and electronic commerce. The Smart way to secure digital information
The SwapSmart smart card reader from SCM Microsystems allows every mobile or desktop PC user with access to a PCMCIA slot to exploit the wide variety of smart card-based applications. Swap Smart is the first implementation of SCM Microsystems' SmartOS™. This extensible smart card interface architecture provides interoperability between the widest range of smart cards, operating systems and industry standards. By allowing hardware updates, SwapSmart prevents obsolescence and keeps pace with changing standards and new smart cards. Click here for a detailed specification.



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