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CardLogix offers a variety of technologies and products for the gaming industry.

Mag-Stripe Cards
CardLogix offers a full line-up of mag–stripe cards with options that range from full custom printing to blank white cards for your room keys, player tracking, employee badging, and retail gift programs. Both flush mount and roll-on mag-stripe assembly are available. Cards are offered in Tracks 1,2,3, and 5. Varieties of cards include CR-80 and CR-50 sizes in 20 and 30 mil. CardLogix uses only high quality PVC, provided in finish options of mirror, matte or combination. Mag-stripe color options include silver, gold, blue, red and green. CardLogix incorporates years of experience and manufacturing expertise into every magnetic stripe card shipped. Full quality Control is performed on all cards.
Magnetic stripes are also offered as an option on all CardLogix smart and contactless cards.

Smart Cards and Software
Casino Magic Cards™ are a Smart Memory and Microprocessor-based card family designed for the needs of the hospitality and gaming industries. The cards are supported by Trakplex middleware that lets you build a flexible and modular smart card system. The system will grow with your needs, supporting multiple functions, applications and readers while maintaining high security. Designed with price points for every level of functionality the issuer can build a system that meets all of the upcoming Gamma/GSA and HITIS standards of interoperability and messaging. 

By building your system with the Casino Magic Cards you can enable every customer touch point in your property. This includes property management systems (door locks), stored value for use across the properties venues, reward and player tracking systems, and digital identity for on-line use.

The family features up to 256K bytes of user memory that can be configured for high-security and purse functions. The microprocessor cards contain the M.O.S.T Card Operating System that supports a variety of security measures, such as Bi-directional Authentication, DES and Public Key Encryption, AES Algorithms, Anti-Tearing Flags, PIN/Passwords and Internal Random Number Generation for unique Digital Signatures and Session Journaling. 

For More detailed information or to view an on-line Power Point Presentation please click here  (This is a 6.0 Mb file and takes about 15 minutes to download at 50K. To reduce this download time, a higher bandwidth connection such as DSL is recommended). 

Additional Technical information is available under a Non-Disclosure Agreement.



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