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The Movie Gold Card™ Application Programming Interface (API) is designed for integrating smart cards into an existing or future movie theater Point Of Sale (P.O.S.) System. The Movie Gold Card™ API is a powerful, 32-bit Windows program that enables a theater to upgrade their system with smart cards and create multiple points of purchase for added revenue and customer convenience.

The API works with the CardLogix Movie Gold Card as a system enhancement to a P.O.S. for issuance of prepaid ticket packages; these packages can include tickets, refreshments and merchandise. The card and API also enables sophisticated loyalty programs and demographic data gathering.

The Movie Gold Card™ API runs under Windows 95, 98, and Windows NT in a PC/kiosk environment.

Its functionality includes 1) ticket or cash value transfers including initial package purchases and card initialization. 2). All Reader and Card Dispenser Interfaces 3). All card password key management and encryption

The API provides a framework that is flexible so a P.O.S. Integrator can address a theater's unique base of customers individually. The Movie Gold Card software can become the backbone of a profitable Smart Card theater ticket system.

The benefits of deploying a smart card-enhanced P.O.S. System include:

Create A Profit Center - Realize float (interest) on card balances and collect residual value on balances that are never used.

Build Loyalty - Residual balance on card motivates return visits. Loyalty points can accumulate for the theater or related businesses.

Create An Internet Marketing Platform – For virtual ticketing through your own web site.

Build Brand Awareness - Featuring a theaters name on the card. New movie release artwork can be featured to increase collectable status. The card acts as a billboard in the customers pocket allowing the theater to sell space on the card to vendors and film distributors off-setting startup costs through co-branding.

Improve Customer Service – Multiple points of purchase means eliminating box-office bottlenecks. Customer options include advance and/or offsite purchase of tickets.

Easy And Secure Operation For Customers - Eliminates cash, safely stores value.

Capture Valuable User Information - To track buying patterns and preferences.




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