CardLogix offers a full lineup of magnetic stripe cards with options that range from full custom printing to personalization services for badging, ID issuance, retail programs, and gas cards. Flush mount roll-on assembly is available. Cards are offered with standard tracks 1, 2, and 3. Magnetic stripes are are offered as an option for all cards manufactured by CardLogix.

Varieties of custom cards are available in CR-80 size with 20 and 30 mil thicknesses. CardLogix uses only high quality PVC, with mirror, matte, or combination finishes. Magnetic stripes are available in silver, gold, blue, red, and holomag styles. Numerous fulfillment options serve to complete the package.

CardLogix incorporates years of experience and manufacturing expertise into every magnetic stripe card shipped. Full quality control is performed on all cards.

CardLogix Part Number Tracks Coercivity Oersted
CLXM300T123 1, 2, 3 Low 300
CLXM300T12 1, 2 Low 300
CLXM2750T123 1, 2, 3 High 2750
CLXM2750T12 1, 2 High 2750