Smart card printing inspectionThe final phases of card production, card graphic design and printing, play a pivotal role in the success of any card program. CardLogix is here to help issuers consider the many available options to inspire a customer to use the card as well as securely prevent unauthorized use.

The Touchpoint to the Customer

As the main touchpoint to a marketing program, a card billboards your brand and all its impact. For cards such as stored value and SIMs, customers frequently use their cards for access to essential value and services.

Subtle, Effective Security

In addition to chip-based measures, card security is strengthened with graphics that make the card difficult to duplicate. They are ideal for ID and secure access cards.

CardLogix Supports Customers

  • Working with your graphic designer or agency to achieve your card design and program goals
  • Providing consultation for your design for a turnkey solution

For our specific requirements and the fundamentals of card graphics preparation, personalization, and fulfillment options, please refer to our Graphics and Security Printing Guide.

Design Consultation

If you would like assistance with your graphic design or need help in deciding how to match the more complex options to your card security requirements, CardLogix has the in-house resources to get your project to market quickly. Collateral production and specialty card shapes are available through our fulfillment services.

We have specialized software and tools that can make your card secure and distinctive. Our graphics team can provide unique card design solutions to allow you to focus on the many other areas of your card launch.

Card Substrate Options

We offer a wide variety of card body substrates to meet differing demands of each market. Our standard offering includes commercial grade PVC, recycled PVC, precision identity grade PVC composites, PET, PETG, PLA, Teslin, Polycarbonate, government certified, and molded ABS card bodies.

Colored Interlayers

Colored interlayer card printingColored interlayers are layers of colored material sandwiched between two or more translucent layers of laminate that, when viewed on the proper plane, change the most prevalent color of the card to the color of the interlayer material. (Not shown on card.)

Primary Printing Technology

CardLogix utilizes a variety of technologies to give your program a card that is impactive. Our cards are typically printed with a lithographic process in sheet form and then cut into finished stock. We can also screen print pearlescence, metallic, and UV inks. All litho presses are hooked up to UV curing units to ensure instant drying of the ink on the plastic sheets. We can print 175-line screens and routinely print guilloche patterns and micro-fine artwork on cards. Whether it is complicated 4-color printing with heavy reverses, bleed, or black ink on white plastic, we can do the job with the highest quality, precision and speed.

Secondary Printing Technology (Variable Image Printing)

After your card is manufactured, we also offer custom printing of serial numbers, bar codes, and other images (e.g. photo IDs or partner logos). This graphical information can be matched to data encoded into the card’s semiconductor or magnetic stripe. We offer five methods of imaging: dye-sublimation, re-transfer printing, inkjet printing, litographic and laser engraving.

Need to prevent card cloning and ID card fraud? Add security graphics to your ID Card for enhanced card security.

See: Security Graphics Options

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