Magnetic Stripe Cards

CardLogix Smart Cards

*4 color front full bleed, 2-color back no bleed. Polyester overlay protected front side high quality lithographic printing
Use a Bank – Pay monthly merchant account and report fees. Become a Bank – Collect and hold money from your customers.  No fees to pay.
Easily Duplicated – Mature technology, Very low security, $36 billion FRAUD USA 1999, (Nielson Report). Cannot be Duplicated – Encrypted technology.  Two totally independent encrypted value fields, Triple DES encryption. Cards cannot be cloned.  Two totally independent, encrypted loyalty points fields.
Fragile – Mag-Stripe easily damaged – if scratched or bent then card cannot be read. (Additional replacement cost). Durable – 100,000+ card insertions meets ISO 7816-1, 2 ,3 standards,
100% electrically tested pre-loaded with customer data.  One year, 100% replacement guarantee on cards for defects in manufacturing and workmanship.
Sensitive – Any Magnetic field such as motors, speaker magnets and even other mag cards in wallet mean card cannot be read (replacement cost). Very Secure – Triple DES encryption. Not affected by magnetic fields. On-card security traps & card password protected. Enables secure internet ticketing.
Leased Line – Each reader installation requires at least one dedicated leased data line to off premises server or dial-up connection to validate (extra cost). No Leased Lines – Data is stored on card, no need to connect to transaction processor for “transaction approval”.  Secure user site ticketing.
Time per Transaction – Each card needs to be validated on the host. Reqires at least a minimum of 1 modem per location, (10 to 30 seconds + the cost of the call). No Dial-Out Time – Data is stored on card, no need to connect to transaction processor for “transaction approval”. (< 5 seconds).
Transaction Fee Charged – Each time card is used, (Visa, MC, AMEX, DISC), (minimum $.25 or 2%-3% extra cost per transaction). No Transaction Fees – Data is stored on card, no need to connect to processor for “transaction approval”. You own the system – the Movie Gold Card platform securely validates the value.
Reader Cost – Mag-card readers are $75.00 to $125.00 without display.  Visa, MC magnetic-stripe reader terminals $275.00 to
$450.00 ea. No balance checkers available; home-based readers $99.00 ea.
Reader Cost – Dual function smart card and magnetic-stripe readers are $99.00 to $157.00. Key chain style value checkers available; home-based ticketing readers $9.00 to $14.00 for card present transactions.
Card Cost* – Low Volume $0.75 to High Volume $0.35, (not fulfilled), Typically no functional card guarantees. Card Cost* – Low Volume $1.38, to High Volume $0.97.

Bottom Line – CardLogix smart cards show a lower total cost of ownership!