The Smart Partner Application Process

CardLogix is constantly searching for new potential partners for many market segments, including Telecom, POS/Stored Value, Healthcare, and Identity.

Our Smart Partner Application process is easy:

  1. Review and accept the terms of the CardLogix Partner Agreement (CPA).
  2. Provide us with your company and contact information.
  3. Tell us about your desired relationship with us and how we can work together.

You should receive an automated e-mail confirmation once your application has been submitted successfully. A member of the CardLogix Sales Management will contact you after reviewing your application. The entire acceptance and listing process may take up to 30 days.

Direct competitors of CardLogix will not be granted Smart Partner status, pursuant to our Worldwide Partner Program. A "direct competitor" is defined as any entity that possesses ownership of 25% or more of a company that impinges on the markets that CardLogix is involved in.

We are updating our Smart Partner application at this time. Please check back with us or call +1-949-380-1312 to speak to a representative. Thank you.