Market Specific Smart Partner Programs

By overlaying market specific programs across our wide range of partner types, Cardlogix brings together teams of specialists to fulfill large opportunities. This cross-pollination of people with a wide range of skills breeds prospects that all parties can take advantage of. CardLogix Smart Partners that focus on specific markets are, by a critical selection process, experts in their field. By combining CardLogix cards with their solutions, they deliver greater precision, security, and convenience to a wide range of applications.

CardLogix market specific programs are:

  • IDeal Partners – Focusing on Secure Identity
  • SIMply Smart – Specializing in SIMs for Mobile Telecom, including both GSM and CDMA
  • POSitive Partners – Concentrating on POS, Stored Value, and Loyalty
  • Smarter Care – Devoted to health records, clinical applications, and embedded applications

Learn about our Smart Partner application process.