Smart Partner Relationship Definitions

Techware Partner

A Techware Partner offers infrastructure hardware products that work with smart cards, such as printers and terminals. CardLogix has extensive interoperability experience for a wide range of products and configurations. Products made by Techware Partners include:

  • Mobile handsets
  • Desktop card printers and personalization equipment
  • Smart card readers/writers
  • Card payment terminals
  • Smart card door locks
  • Handheld screening terminals

Sales Agent Smart Partners

These are organizations and individuals that act as the CardLogix technical sales force in specific geographic markets, selling CardLogix products to the Telecom and Identity markets. No integration services are provided. Agent revenue is based on commission.

Alliance Smart Partners

This partnership is designed for large companies who provide system-level architectures in which smart cards can play a role. Global in their presence and massive in their market dominance, smart cards are part of, but not a primary aspect of their offerings. CardLogix works with the Alliance Partners at the technological and strategic level to identify opportunities where smart cards can enhance security and functionality for a variety of computing environments.

Application Smart Partners

As a specialist in specific market-focused areas, an Application Smart Partner integrates CardLogix cards and software into an end-to-end solution, such as a Point of Sale system for ticketing or a Card Management System for national IDs and passports. Cardlogix has established the following pplication Smart Partner definitions:

Gold Partners

A Gold Smart Partner integrates CardLogix technology into their software and hardware, and markets products that integrate with CardLogix smart cards and software in an active, continuous way. Often, the software is required to be card independent, but the business relationships are not.

Platinum Partners

At the Platinum Level, an Application Partner works exclusively with CardLogix for its smart card product offering. These are experienced, value-added software companies that focus on specific markets. Platinum application providers have developed customizable software solutions that can be deployed quickly and are individually tailored to each customer's environment. Solutions incorporate CardLogix technology as a cornerstone of their product offerings. Platinum Partners often provide complete end-to-end solution deployments that include training and service contracts.

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