Multifunctional smart card terminals. PC/SC, ISO 7816 and OCF compliant!

The CHIPDRIVE micro 130 is the USB version of the CHIPDRIVE micro line of cost effective smart card terminals. The CHIPDRIVE micro 130 uses two PIC controllers making it secure and the 
fastest reader available at a baud rate of 115K. The USB connection allows the micro 130 to connect only to the USB port for power and communications.

Weight: 110 grams 

EMI compatibility: CE 89/336 

Temperature range: -10 to +50 C 

Card interface life: 100,000 mating cycles 
Contact material: gold plated brass 
Card frequency: 3.57 MHz 
Card current supply: 0 to 55 mA 
Interface: PC, USB port 
Power supply: from USB port 
Display: red status LED 
Dimensions: 66 x 46 x 11 mm 
Body color:  RAL 7035 (light gray) 

Protocols:  T=0, T=1, 2-Wire, 3-Wire, I2C, over 40 memory card types supported

Standards:  ISO 7816-3 ff., PC/SC, EMV3.0, GSM11.11, FCC, UL, CE 

Printable area:  56 x 38 mm (2/0 to 4/4 colors) 

Connection cable:  120 cm, 9 pol. SUB-D, black 
Interface speed:  T=0: 4800 .. 38400 Baud (PTS) T=1: 4800 .. 115200 Baud (PTS)
Sync. protocols: 4800 .. 115200
CPU type: 4 MHz Microchip controller 
OEM-packaging Shipping contents:  PE-bag 120 x 160 mm, CHIPDRIVE micro 130, connection cable, installation guide sheet, two adhesive pads 
Shipping units:  120 pcs. per cardboard box, 16 boxes per palette (1920) 

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